ESL One NYC : An update on Eastern and Western qualifiers

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The offline finals of ESL One New York are getting closer, and only a few challengers remain in the race for the precious tickets to Madison Square Garden. One Chinese, four European and three American teams will have the chance to compete for the $100,000+ prize pool.

It has been around two weeks since the beginning of the regional qualifiers of ESL One New York. China, America and Europe will have their own representative in the offline event, scheduled to take place from October 9th through 10th at Madison Square Garden, New York.  The qualifier brackets are slowly reaching their last matches, but no team has secured a LAN spot yet.


Round 2 - Best of 5

The groupstage of the Chinese qualifiers ended today, with iG's crushing defeat against LGD in the last match. LAI and LGD managed to emerge from Group A, while VG and Newbee have advanced from Group B. Up until last week, HGT had the upper hand for the second place in their group, but Newbee's two consecutive victories sealed their fate. The four teams will now battle in a single-elimination bracket for one single ticket to New York.


The Upper Bracket of the European qualifiers is almost complete, with Alliance, Secret Team and Na'Vi ready to battle in the third round. Only one Round 2 match remains between Cloud9 and Empire, which has been postponed. These two teams will fight for the last spot in Round 3 - a victory in this stage leads to New York, but a loss ensures a rough trip to the Lower Bracket.


Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket


Best of 1


Much like the European qualifiers, the American Upper Bracket is about to conclude, with EG, SNA and compLexity ready to fight for the offline final spots. The fourth competitor of Round 2 will either be ROOT Gaming or Na'Vi.US, but the match between the two teams will not happen for another two weeks, as it was postponed. This match will also determine the opponent of Team Gerg (DeMoN's and MSS's new squad), that will be making their final stand in ESL One NYC.


The matches will continue on September 16th with the two best-of-three matches of the Chinese qualifier playoffs. LAI will take on NewBee at 07:00 CEST, while ViCi Gaming and LGD will battle it out at 10:00 CEST. The winners of these matches will fight each other to reach the LAN event. The Chinese grand final will be best-of-five. For more information, check out our coverage hub here.

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