Iceiceice to face Mushi in the grand final of TI3 1v1 tournament

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Iceiceice prevailed against Ferrari in the semi-finals of TI3 1v1 tournament to move into the grand final. Iceiceice will be facing Mushi in the grand final on the 8th of August.

With all the games from the groupstage played, the 1v1 tournament resumed with Ferrari_430 versus Mu. After disposing Mu with superior Shadow Fiend plays and item choices, Ferrari faced iceiceice in the semi-finals. The Singapore was able to come up with two wins over iG's 3-position player and land himself in the grand final of the 1v1 tournament.

Iceiceice will face Mushi in the grand final of the 1v1 tournament on the 8th of August Pacific Day Time (PDT). It will begin after all the games for the playoffs are settled. Link to Gosubet here.



Ferrari vs Mu

Ferrari vs Mu

China Ferrari
China Mu

Game 3: Shadow Fiend


In the continuation of the battle between two strongest Chinese solo(s), Ferrari came up on top by out Shadow Razing his opponent. Mu tried to catch up by razing back but Ferrari's health items made him a fair bit tanker than Mu. Soon enough, Ferrari found himself outlevelling Mu. Ferrari then killed Mu twice with relative ease.



Ferrari vs iceiceice

iceiceice vs Ferrari

Singapore iceiceice
China Ferrari

Game 1: Tusk
Game 2: Queen of Pain

Iceiceice and Ferrari faced off as Tusk in game one. The experience graph started skewing a little towards iceiceice because Ferrari was too caught up with the runes. As a result, iceiceice got to level six first and with his the newly obtained Walrus Punc, he secured the First Blood on Ferrari. Seeing that he is too far behind to catch up, Ferrari called the gg.

Screams were exchanged until iceiceice gets a double damage rune that turned the odds in his favor. He managed to kill Ferrari with it and got the experience for it before dying to the tower. Once again, the key to iceiceice's win is reaching level six first and with his ultimate, he was able to kill Ferrari a second time.

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