Alliance ends group B with 14-0 record

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Group B

The final matches of Group B were extremely crucial for Invictus Gaming, Liquid and TongFu. Prior to the start, TongFu knew they have to defeat Rattlesnake in both games to advance to the winner bracket while if they were to drop a game, a tiebreak between them and the loser of iG versus Liquid would have been played. TongFu were spot on today, taking down Rattlesnake in relatively easy games.

With TongFu's place firmly secured in the winner bracket, all eyes were on the Invictus Gaming and Team Liquid match because the winner of the second game will be the only team going to the winner bracket. At the end of the day, it was the former champion iG who won and qualified for the winner bracket. Unfortunately for Team Liquid, they will be joining Rattlesnake, Virtus.Pro and LGD International in the loser bracket of the playoffs.

On a different note, Alliance will be the second team in history of Dota 2 to have a flawless record in an International groupstage. They defeated Neolution.Orange earlier today hence establishing their 14-0 record.


Day three - Playtime 2 (20:00 CEST)
Game Results Match info
TongFu vs Rsnake TongFu won 2-0 In their crucial game against Rattlesnake, TongFu opted for an AOE line-up in the first game and a pushing line-up in the second. They took down Rattlesnake fairly easily in both games, smashing Rattlesnake in mid-game despite a relatively even laning phase.
Alliance vs Orange Alliance won 2-0 In game one, both teams started out fairly even, but Alliance had the upper hand in finding kills due to Io and the healing power of Chen, which allowed them to claim an easy set of barracks as well as the "gg" from the Malaysians. In game two, Orange went for a super greedy line-up with just one support, but things weren't looking good as they gave up 3 kills before creep spawned. Alliance continued to slaughter Orange's under-leveled heroes with their Ursa and "gg" was called just 13 minutes in.
Liquid vs iG iG won 2-0 After failing to gank Ferrari's Shadow Fiend as well as several other missed opportunities in game one, Liquid could not recover from the massive gold and experience difference between them and iG. Ferrari's Shadow Fiend continued to farm up, kill heroes and maintain his edge, carrying his team to victory. As for game two, iG started pushing very early on. Due to lack of creepwave clearing heroes, Liquid found themselves unable to stop iG's pushes and lost the game.
VP vs LGD.Int Match tied 1-1 Game one was a simple story. Virtus.Pro won the laning phase and despite making a few mistakes, example overextending past enemy towers, they were already too far ahead to lose the game. The second game was much more interesting with a lot of unorthodox hero picks: Ancient Apparition and Axe were drafted; a pleasant surprise for everyone. With an early Vanguard picked up by Axe, the latter proved to be too much of a tank for LGD.Int to take on which resulted in the Russians rolled in to their base and taking game 2. 


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