TI3 schedule and prize breakdown released

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More details on The International 3 have been released. This includes the full schedule, stream information and also the live ticker of the prize pool.

With the official website of The International 3 going live, so did more details of The International 3. 


August 2nd - Wild card match, Solo tournament playoffs
August 3rd - Prelims day one 
August 4th - Prelims day two
August 5th - Prelims day three
August 7th - Main event day one, All-star match
August 8th - Main event day two, Solo grand final
August 9th - Main event day three
August 10th - Main event day four, Free-to-Play advance screening
August 11th - Main event day five

Prize pool:

We are five days away from The International 3 and the prize pool is still increasing, according to the number of Compendium purchases. However, despite the extra million, only the top eight teams will cash in.

Ways to watch:

Despite previous rumours, The International 3 will only be available on Twitch TV. The official channel is undisclosed.

You can also watch The International 3 from your local pubstomp. All pubstomp events will be listed on the official pubstomp page of The International 3.


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