coL says: Jeyo not released to EG from his contract

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 12 September 2012 17:45
Earlier today, ESFI reported Bulba and Universe to leave team Evil Geniuses. compLexity's Jeyo would be one of the replacement players. According to coL's manager, Jeyo is still a part of compLexity and thus cannot join EG at the moment.

Evil Geniuses has played the showmatch against fnatic with standins already. Bulba and Universe were not playing at that point. Still, EG won the showmatch and the standins were said to be Swiss and Bdiz at that time. From that moment on, rumors about an upcoming lineup change for EG were spreading.

As of today, ESFI has reported that Bulba and Universe are really out of EG's roster and Jeyo would be one of the players to replace them. In NADota forums, there is additionally a thread reporting that in fact Jeyo and Bdiz would be the new players of Team EG. Apparently, both Bdiz and Bulba have replied that thread, confirming the news about Bulba leaving and Bdiz joining to some extent. They did not comment the reported change concerning Jeyo.

Jason Bass denies the report about Jeyo

However, team compLexity's manager Jason Bass, says this is not quite the case when it comes to the team's player Jeyo: "Contracts are binding" is his statement to this discussion. Team EG has made a twitter post confirming that the new Dota 2 team is not yet published, and thus has also not reported from their side Jeyo would be joining their team. Bass continues: "No one from EG management has contacted anyone in coL." Talking to each other remains a prerequisite to Jeyo really swapping over from compLexity to Evil Geniuses.

Statement by Jason Bass, COO of compLexity:

"Player transfers between organizations are a common thing and compLexity is always open to the concept. In this case no one from EG management has contacted anyone in coL management and therefore there have been no official discussions on the topic. coL wants our players to be happy but contracts are binding and need to be honored. If EG is actually interested in Jeyo then we will be happy to talk to their management team on the subject but as of now there has been no official contact between our organizations on this topic." - Jason Bass COO of compLexitygaming

Source: ESFI, NADota Forums, EG's twitter, Jason Bass