VIDEO: Nova- talks Dota 2, plays DeMoN stack in US matchmaking

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 08 July 2012 08:58

Our resident translator CtChocula is back with his latest piece, and his first attempt at a Dota 2 video. Ex-CaNt player Nova- faces a five man stack including DeMoN and Pusher on US West matchmaking and decided to shoutcast the action live.

Currently residing in the United States and working for ECAL, met up against DeMoN in one of his public matches and in the video, he offers advice on his hero, Queen of Pain, among other things. Be sure to use the subtitles by clicking the CC button.

Better known as Caomei, or Shuiguo, Nova- was one of the pioneers in professional Dota. He was instrumental in the establishment of Cant as a top team, and continued to lead teams into the professional scene during his 2008-2010 campaigns. He was one of the most respected players, but was unable to win a major tournament.

Similar translated videos including an encyclopaedic article of DotA's history can be found at CtChocula's profile page.

Own3d - Nova- stream