Numbers from GosuLeague Season 3: Part 1

Posted by Vladimir "Angel" Kojadinovic at 19 July 2012 19:40

Top Killers
1. Bulgaria GLFAILETZ87
2. Denmark WolvesBalsam65
3. Ukraine DarerG45
4. Denmark Wolvess442
5. Kazakhstan NEXT.kzMantis40
Top Deaths
1. Europe mTwFckingMad49
2. Europe mTwSynderen45
3. Ukraine DarerGO[blin]45
4. Denmark Wolveshenrydickenson42
5. Denmark WolvesTHENeNo-42
Top Assists
1. Denmark Wolveshenrydickenson105
2. Bulgaria GLSavA_DooM99
3. Bulgaria GLPSTM87
4. Denmark Wolvess485
5. Denmark WolvesBalsam83
1. Bulgaria GLFAILETZ473
2. United States BFBDemise439
3. Kazakhstan NEXT.kzMantis437
4. Bulgaria GLQuix-429
5. Ukraine DarerArtStyle425

There you have it - GosuLeague Season 3 is in full swing and here are some mind boggling statistics captured fresh from current standings. The players with the most kills, deaths, assists and Gold Per Minute - you name it. Not sure what you missed? Read on.

mousesports have been left out of the equation - despite topping the league table - because of a one match deficit against BFB, which will be played this Saturday, 21st July, at 18:00 CET.

Interesting to note, though, is that the tournament's top 'carry' player hails from underdogs GamersLeague, with FAILETZ stealing the show with averages of 87 kills and 473 Gold Per Minute (GPM) each game. Copenhagen Wolves' Balsam and BFB's Demise trail far behind with similar statistics.

Meanwhile, on the other spectrum, mTw's FckingMad and Synderen are the top feeders for GosuLeague 49 and 45 deaths respectively, and given the team's generally conservative style of play, surely it should raise eyebrows. The team is now fifth place with three draws and one loss in four matches.

The league has also witnessed two intense clashes - the first of which was an upset where former HelloMoto (now GamersLeague) managed to take down DreamHack Summer champions mTw who were looking shaky at the end of a fifty minute showdown featuring Invoker, Chaos Knight and Tidehunter on HelloMoto's lineup. went all out in the second RR match of the tournament, picking up an interesting combination of Ursa Warrior and Wisp, and later going on to dominate the map whenever Relocate was off cooldown.

How will the standings change when mouz joins the pool? Will SingSing give FAILETZ a run for his money? Here are the Division 1 matches for this Saturday:

GosuLeague Season 3 \ Division 1
Saturday, July 21, 18:00 CET

Germany mouz


United States BFB
Canada 1437
Netherlands SingSing
Netherlands SexyBamboe
Germany Black^
Romania ComeWithMe
United States Merlini
Denmark miGGel
United States Sayuri
United States Demise
Sweden bonzajajaj
We say - mouz look unstoppable in their latest run of matches, having proven themselves worthy of being at the top of European Dota 2 at the StarLadder Grand Finals. BFB, on the other hand, have much to show for and the match will be a test of whether they are able to counter mouz's limited but perfected pool of heroes.
Saturday, June 21, 20:00 CET

Ukraine Darer


Ukraine Artstyle
Russia GodKillThemAll
Ukraine Go[blin]
Ukraine MAg~
Ukraine Funn1k
Kazakstan Mantis
Kazakstan eQual
Kazakstan LuCky
Kazakstan StalCat
Kazakstan KeanuReeves/Ares
We say- is never a team to exclude and with Darer's off form in recent matches, the Kazakhstans look confident to get the upperhand in the best of two matchup.

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