Top weekly Workshop submissions: Seven brilliant sets to dazzle your eyes

Posted by Daniela "Danielle." Antofe at 04 February 2017 16:00

This week seven brilliant sets were submitted to the Workshop to delight you.

Only recently accepted into the Workshop, Viper received a lot of attention this week from workshop artists. They came up with new ideas in order to get our attention and votes. Don’t forget that any of these sets has a chance to be included in Treasure 2 or Treasure 3 of the Winter Battle Pass. So your votes and feedbacks play an important role in Valve’s decision when it comes to accepting items. Given that these sets are not yet included in the game, the artists who created them can make modifications at your suggestions!

Anubis Ulfsaar

A new idea for Ursa was submitted this week. Although the Egyptian theme had been used before for an Undying set, the artist managed to apply it on the fearsome bear as well. Even though it doesn’t exactly fit the hero’s lore, Anubis Ulfsaar looks great. I like the simplicity and also the details that the skirt, crown, and collar have.

I’m curious about your opinions, which you can leave directly on the workshop page of this set. You can vote it and comment here.

Worlds Corruptor

After an athletic remodeling in which the abdomen is stressed out, Enigma started to get some attention from workshoppers. Mihalceanu’s set was among the first ones to be submitted and I can say for sure that it’s the best so far for the new Enigma. I like a lot the armor that surrounds its body but also the small eidolons. I have only words of praise so far for the artist!

If you want this Enigma set to appear in the game, don’t forget to vote it here.

The Elusive Hunter

I have to admit that I’ve been following this set closely because I liked the idea behind it a lot. I love the fins and the back piece, they fit the lore perfectly. I also appreciate a lot the fact that the artist didn’t change the aquatic being aspect but rather emphasized it even better. The set’s colors are pleasant and attractive and will surely win a lot of fans.

If you also appreciate artists who care about a hero’s lore and don’t modify it completely when designing a set, go and vote this one here.

Dimension Ripper

Submitted with two different styles, this Weaver set catches your attention. Dimension Ripper is the pure proof that the right combination of colors will make everything better. I simply adore this beautifully colored insect. It's incredible!

You really need to see how it looks inside the game and then vote for it here. Just imagine how awesome it will look with Weaver`s Immortal.

Curse of the Scareking

I have to admit that the very first thing that got my attention was the nether ward from the loading screen. Enthusiastic, I searched the voodoo doll that causes so much damage and it looked incredibly cute. Then I saw the darkly colored cape which stresses the hero’s dark side. It fits him perfectly!

If you like this awesome little Nether Ward, vote here.


As I already said, Viper got some attention this week and received three new sets based on cool ideas. I`ll have to let you guys decide which one of them deserves to be added to the Steam Market because for me it`s way too difficult to choose!

Virulent Netherdrake

I can`t really say which of the Viper sets I like more but this one has something that caught my eye. I don`t know if it's because of the big wings or the head but what's certain is that it has that one little thing that makes you buy it!

If you like it, you can drop a like here.

The Spiteful Slytherin

One of the artists that I appreciate the most is Ice Wolves. A young man, a newcomer to the DotA 2 world who started his journey through the Workshop with four totally unconventional sets. He won my heart since the beginning because of the resilience he had whenever he received some negative feedbacks.

About the set... only positive remarks! If at first, the artist was choosing nonconformist styles which were almost impossible to accept by Valve, now he is coming up with wonderful and realistic ideas. I like the scales aspect which he gave to Viper and I believe this set fully deserves our attention.

You can see all of his controversial sets here and don`t forget to vote for this one!

The Gilded Serpent

The third set submitted this week for Viper was made by Hunter, a Workshop artist who has designed very popular sets. Some of them I'm almost sure you already have in your inventory. I like the different approach that he chose for this set. He created the impression that Viper wears jewelry.

If you want you can vote for it here and take a look at the other sets that he made. Maybe you will find something you like.

Nothing compares to the gratitude an artist feels when he sees that his work is appreciated and beloved by other people, so don`t forget to vote for the sets you like!



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