Chinese shuffle in a nutshell

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 13 September 2013 17:45

With Rising Stars finalizing their roster, the Chinese shuffle has officially ended. Here is a quick recap of what has happened over the past three weeks and our thought on who really won and lost the shuffle.

Timeline according to player's departure from team 



Asian shuffle timeline
Date Player Old team New team
21/08/2013 Malaysia Yamateh Zenith -
21/08/2013 Malaysia Ice Zenith -
21/08/2013 Singapore xy- Zenith -
21/08/2013 Singapore xFreedom Zenith    Singapore    Impervious
22/08/2013 China RoTK DK Vici Gaming
22/08/2013 China Super DK Vici Gaming
23/08/2013 China Air Rising Stars -
25/08/2013 China QQQ DK Rising Stars
27/08/2013 Malaysia Mushi Orange DK
29/08/2013 China Kabu Rattlesnake -
30/08/2013 China Cty Vici Gaming Rising Stars
30/08/2013 China ZSMJ Vici Gaming TongFu
01/09/2013 Malaysia Johnny - Rattlesnake
02/09/2013 China Zhou Invictus Gaming TongFu
03/09/2013 China Lanm Rattlesnake DK
04/09/2013 China Hao TongFu Invictus Gaming
05/09/2013 China Xiaotuji Rising Stars LGD
05/09/2013 Singapore Iceiceice Zenith DK
06/09/2013 China Sylar LGD Rising Stars
07/09/2013 China AllBeautyMustDie - Rattlesnake
09/09/2013 China KingJ TongFu Rising Stars
09/09/2013 China Banana TongFu Invictus Gaming
09/09/2013 China XTT Rising Stars TongFu
09/09/2013 China Rstars.Super Rising Stars -

Most team logo pics came from Team Liquid


Biggest winner of the shuffle


The biggest winner of the Asian shuffle is undoubtedly Rising Stars. Rising Stars did not qualify for The International 3 but they joined the post-tournament shuffle and ended up booting four members of their original squad to make way for an all-stars team. With a team filled with veterans and the Chinese solo mid king, all eyes will be on them if the veterans can train XDD and Cty to do their bidding. "Rising Stars" sounds a little inappropriate now, no?

The other big winner of the shuffle is DK. However, considering DK was a strong team to begin with, we have to give our hats off to Rising Stars for signing so many stars and successfully turn nothing into something, something strong.


Biggest loser of the shuffle


If the last few days were any indication, Rattlesnake is the biggest loser in this shuffle. Jumbled with contracts and players unsatisfied with their performance at The International 3, the team lost Lanm and Kabu, the two strongest players in the team. Rattlesnake's replacement, Johnny and AllBeautyMustDie, did not perform well in their debut, going 0-4 in their first four games.

It was also a questionable decision for Rattlesnake to sign Johnny despite having more options in the Chinese market themselves. Johnny was in the limelight for a short month during his time with Chains Stack but has disappeared from the scene since the team disbanded. He played for a local team called Nara Stacks and the team barely achieved anything internationally. If the real reason is marketing, Rattlesnake made a grievous decision.

Sticky situation for ChuaN


ChuaN was the first Malaysian to taste success playing for a Chinese team and despite his long record of stability, iG replaced him with Banana a few days ago. ChuaN is currently in a sticky situation because all the Chinese teams have finished shuffling while he, on the other hand, is still without a team. Technically, he is still an official member of iG but iG will most probably let him go the second a team buys his contract.

A lot of people are stating that ChuaN may be going back to Malaysia to play for a Malaysian team but we will have to wait for further confirmation to see if this is true. ChuaN playing with Orange may not seem like the worst idea but they did lose that one RGN League game against First Departure with him in the team. He was playing carry Mirana that game.


Free agents in the Asian scene


China Kai 'Kabu' Zhao
Position: Off-lane solo
Former team: Rattlesnake
Known for: Clockwerk


Malaysia Wei Poong 'Yamateh' Ng
Position: Solo mid / Carry
Former team: Zenith
Known for:
Razor  Razor  Razor



Malaysia Chee Cai 'Ice' Chua
Position: Support
Former team: Zenith
Known for: Razor

China Peng 'Super' Su
Position: Support
Former team: Rising Stars
Known for: Razor


China Yu Xiao 'Air' Yin
Position: Solo mid
Former team: Rising Stars
Known for: Razor  Razor



Malaysia Hock Chuan 'ChuaN' Wong
Position: Support
Former team: Invictus Gaming
Known for: Razor  Razor  Razor





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