GGnet travel blog: Fnatic's bootcamp

Posted by Vladimir "Angel" Kojadinovic at 25 July 2013 00:00

GosuGamers' event team leader Angel visited Fnatic's bootcamp house last weekend and now he blogs about what he saw, heard and felt during his visit. N0tail doesn't like air conditioning!


An introduction to Fnatic's gaming house


Danijel 'Street' Remus - General Manager of Fnatic

Danijel 'Street' Remus, General manager of Fnatic, invited me to their bootcamp house last Friday for an open visit and to experience first hand, their work at bootcamping so far. 

After I successfully managed to get over to their place with my car, I parked it outside and met up with Danijel. Both of us went to the pharmacy after a short greeting to get some mosquito repellent for the house. According to Danijel, The Danube river is just a hundred meters away from their place and therefore, the Fnatic guys have problems combatting the little blood suckers.

Fnatic's bootcamp house is actually a two-floor apartment situated on a five-storey building. The house has two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor but I figured it's rather impolite for me to go exploring without permission. I went straight to the second floor where the practice and chilling rooms are.

Entrance to the gaming room


The computers were almost all lined-up facing the north wall with n0tail's computer being the only one lined-up on the left.  When I arrived, the players were all playing scrims and preparing for their match against iCCUp in Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament that night. I arrived an hour prior to the match and this allowed me to interact with the guys, take some photos and have some friendly talks with their manager. I was told that everyone but n0tail sleeps on the first floor while he sleeps on the second floor. n0tail's bed is placed in the gaming room.

N0tail watching Trixi chilling out in his own bed!


Soon enough, it was time for them to switch into serious mode and play their match against iCCup. As I was watching them play iCCup, I realized that despite having the air-conditioner switched to 23 degrees, it was almost too hot with all the computers running and the people in the room. N0tail was the only one with his hoodie on because it was still too cold for him.

Fnatic drafting against iCCup


Apart from me and Fnatic's general manager, Fly's girlfriend who flew all the way from America was watching the game alongside us. She told us that she is there to support her boyfriend and his team in preparation for The International 3. She have her own little table on the right side of the room.

Fly's girlfriend place in the gaming room


While they were about to go into their second game against iCCup, Dreamhack Valencia started and the players were tabbing out in downtimes to watch the match between Na`Vi and Mousesports. There was a discussion on who they think will win the match and they decided to copy Na`Vi's strat to go against iCCup. It was a success.

What I noticed during the trip was Trixi, off-lane player much like ROTK, was the loudest guy among the rest while Fly is the complete opposite. Nevertheless, I was really impressed at how they work together and understand the ability of one another. I was mostly focused on n0tail's computer, attentively paying attention to how can this guy play Meepo so well.

After their game, it is my time to say goodbye. I wished them good luck for The International 3 and took home with me a bunch of blurry pictures due to bad lighting.

Fnatic's drafting in Corsair Tournament match

​Fly posing for GosuGamers!


​H4nn1 watching a live stream of Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament


​Fnatic's supporting duo - Fly and N0tail with his awesome micro skills with his head!




1 on 1 talk with Fnatic|Street



What is your daily schedule, do you train like the Chinese teams 12 hours per day?

​The schedule is tough, actually. It involves a minimum of 8 hours of practice. We usually wake up at 12/13, depending on the time of scrim and official matches. Scrimming starts at either 14 or 15 and goes on until midnight, sometimes even later. There are breaks for food in the meanwhile and that's about it how the regular day looks like time-wise.

How often do you get out? Do you have a lot of visitors?

As you can see from the answer above, days are mostly packed with practicing. It's not like they don't go out at all, for a walk, a drink, partying etc, but obviously the reason they are here is hardcore practice and that's what they do. Visitors are mostly media, there's no reason to have too many people all the time as it is distracting. Yeah we have had a few fans over but mostly media.​

What do the guys think about Belgrade so far?

​Belgrade is an awesome city but they haven't seen much of it. A bit of the city center, river night clubs, a few parks and that's it. What they saw they liked and had fun whenever we went out. Unless they lie to me and they hate it! Just kidding.

How are the preparations going so far?

​It's been almost two months, they learn new stuff every day, practice a lot, and bond even more every day. They are all really good friends who've known each other for a long time so I know it's all gonna click together for TI3. We are satisfied with the preparation process.

Who are you normally scrimming against?

​It's pretty standard for all European teams, everyone plays everyone. EU and US teams stick together and play against each other a lot, you either schedule scrims in advance or just go "LF SCRIM" in the Skype channel.

Since it will be the first time for you to meet up with a Chinese team, have you done an extensive research on them?

​I wouldn't say it's an extensive research but sure, watching live streams a lot and analyzing replays is something they do. There's no fear from Asian teams, I would say the team is rather excited to play them and looking forward to it with confidence.

After Alliance's and Natus Vincere's wins in Asia, do you believe that your team is able to win against teams such as DK and LGD?

Anyone can beat anyone I feel. Every team has ups and downs but the competitive scene is so strong nowadays it's insane. I've been managing teams for around 8 years now in many different games, and this must be the hardest competition I've ever seen, and the most unpredictable one, too. It's still ten days of practice until TI3 and everyone is going to be even better. All I can say is that we are looking forward to Seattle and we ain't coming to be spectators but to compete on the highest level we can.​

Are there any shoutouts you would like to give?

Yeah, I would like to give a big shoutout to all of our fans and also to our sponsors MSI, SteelSeries, Eizo and Twitch and our bootcamp supporters Gigatron, SBB and Cooler Master.