moods joins dmZ - former MYM enter Ravens

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The news about the disbandment of the most famous clan EuropeKingdom.Dota (former MYM) hit the DotA community and many questions occured.

What will happen to the clanless players, many gamer asked. Last evening the question was answered partially by GermanyH4nn1-. He joined the currently best DotA clan EuropeKingsurf.International and will finally play together with his old friend GermanyLevent.

But what about the rest of ex-MYM? DenmarkMaelk, DenmarkMaNia and DenmarkPusher-Street will join the lately very successful danish-only clan Ravens.

New Ravens lineup:

Denmark Smiske
Denmark AngeL
Denmark miGGel
Denmark Maelk
Denmark Pusher-Street
Denmark MaNia

As you can see, DenmarkMisery SwedenkwoM (who joined Ravens a few days ago) and Germanymoods are not part of Ravens any longer. Last mentioned joined up with the top clan GermanydiamondZ last night and is now able to play with his old teammates of his former clan Germanywicked.

New diamondZ lineup:

Germany eQuiNOX

Germany U_nited
Germany EDE
Germany hexOr
Germany Schug
Germany scream
Germany Rene
Germany moods (leon)
Germany Stryke

Sweden ChiLLi

The future clans of MiseRy and kwoM are still unknown.

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