WCA tournament series announced, $3.2 million total prizepool for seven titles

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World Cyber Arena just announced a series of China-based tournaments in 2014, offering a total prizepool of $3.2 million for seven games. These games include DotA2, HearthStone, Crossfire, World of Tanks and Warcraft III. The tournaments will be held in Yinchuan, starting in October.

Another prestigious competition has been announced in China for 2014, increasing the list of competitions scheduled to take place this fall. This week, it is WCA (World Cyber Arena) that announced their own series of tournaments for seven games - including two titles for mobile phones. 

WCA titles :

Warcraft III
World of Tanks
Dota Legend (M)
CQB Online (M)

According to the announcement, the tournament aims to gather over 3200 players from every corner of the world in Yinchuan, Ningxia province, China for the offline events held in October. The total prizepool of the events is 20,000,000 RMB (~$3,200,000). However, no further information is currently available about the format of the tournaments, the qualifiers and the exact dates.

Prize pool distribution (estimates) :

DotA2 - $470,000
HearthStone - $190,000
World of Tanks - $100,000
Crossfire - $100,000
Warcraft III - $95,000
DotA Legend - $1,100,000
CQB Online - $1,100,000


Source : 2p.com , mineski.net

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