King of Kings: The groups

DotA Christian “ctc-noob” Andersen announced the King of Kings Championship a few weeks ago, with great prize money

The DotA tournament will feature 20 high level teams from the whole world to battle it out and be crowned King of the Kings.

The tournament will start with a groupestage of 5 groups with 4 teams each. The top 2 of each group will afterward play in the playoffs, where the top 3 teams will play for the championship in a so called 'group stage of 3 teams'

Group A
Indonesia FnaticMSI
Russia Rush3d
Romania I Got Game
United States The Pouncing Ligers

Group B
Europe Meet Your Makers
Indonesia Impreza
Germany DiamondZ
United States YaY

About this group we ask Germany dmZ|scream what he think
dmZ|scream: I think its funny to see us go against MYM once again. MYM is a pretty strong enemy as well as the other two in our group: YaY ( ex-x6 ) and impreZa, but we did win twice against them in the EMS. I don't know about the other two team though, we've never been playing against them in the past but i think they are both pretty strong enemies. I assume that we are able to win this group when we show some nice games.

Group C
Sweden SK Gaming
Vietnam Starsboba
Europe Dignitas
Australia sGty

Group D
Europe Kingsurf.Int
Ukraine DTS.Chatrix
Malaysia Ucpro
Australia The Firm

We also asked Germany Ks^Levent about the groupstage
Ks^Levent: I can only tell what will happen after groupstage.We will be the Kings of King of Kings.

Group E
Denmark Mom Equals Toilet
United States DoP
Malaysia DNA-SK
France Serious Gaming

In this group Denmark Met|Misery- sees themselves as favorites
Met|Misery-: I like this group - we should be able to win vs each of these teams.

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