Farm4Fame Round 1 is over

DotA Christian “ctc-noob” Andersen
If you didn't watch all the reaplys from Farm4Fame round 1, which is just over, GosuGamers now present a short summary of every game, so you can keep up with the latest performance by your favorite teams.

BTB vs wicked

Germany wicked Sweden Back to Basic
Stealth Assassin Lifestealer Holy Knight Admiral Proudmoore
Spectre Keeper of the Light Earthshaker Necro'lic
Broodmother Faerie Dragon Warlock
Tidehunter Priestess of the Moon Lord of Olympia Nerubian Assassin
Lich Juggernaut Dragon Knight
Broodmother wicked.SDR_ (t)Lord of Olympia BTB|l0lzorken (t)
Priestess of the Moon wicked.U_nited (m)Tinker i)arka- (m)
Tidehunter wicked.Fire (m)Crystal Maiden Baja (m)
Lich wicked.Rene (b)Nerubian Assassin g0g1- (b)
Juggernaut wicked.moods (b)Demon Witch LTM (b)

Picks seems quite even, with dk as carry against brood and jugger, but with a potm as semi-carry wicked might have a bit more late-game, but at the same time btb has a nerub, which will allow them to gank more than the rather immobile wicked-team and keep pressure on the map. At the same time warlock, puck, zues and dk-ulti will give BTB some heavy team-fight opportunities, while wicked will rely on tide and lich getting off proper ultimates.

But in the game BTB didn't keep high gank pressure, which made the the game pretty even. When the game hit mid and late game, the actions was primary focused around teamfight, and most of them turned out in favor of wicked, since they were allowed to initiate with tide before BTB got prepared for the fight. At the same time almost every hero at sentinel got very well farmed, and both brood, potm and jugger ended up having a butterfly and even though dk was well farmed, he couldn't match up with wickeds farmed up team. Therefore wicked ended up winning a teamfight at BTB-base and went for throne directly and won the game.


Romania I Got Game Poland D-Link PGS
Broodmother Stealth Assassin Earthshaker Nerubian Assassin
Holy Knight Omniknight Spectre Admiral Proudmoore
Lifestealer Warlock Lord of Olympia
Faerie Dragon Keeper of the Light Priestess of the Moon Sand King
Demon Witch Tidehunter Phantom Lancer
Lifestealer dRe4Ms (t)Warlock PGS|Jacob (t)
Demon Witch TeG-RMP (t)Phantom Lancer PGS|Marian (t)
Faerie Dragon IGG-Ly0n (m)Lord of Olympia PGS|CupofTea (m)
Keeper of the Light SirNeo (b)Sand King PGS|Kkeld (b)
Tidehunter Ro-Coco (b)Priestess of the Moon PGS|DarKy (b)

Looking at the picks, we don't see anyone as outpicked. Both teams got some nice heroes for laning, some nice heroes for push and as carries IGG got the i-will-secure-lategame-and-ownage-naix, while PGS got the recently very popular counter-carry Phantom Lancer.

The objective for both teams would in this game be same. Get control over the lanes, get some succelful ganking, if teamfight occur be able to be the initiater and at last get the carry farmed. This tactic seemed to work best for IGG, who seemed to get a bit more kills in both ganking and team-fight and in the end, the radiance-phantom lancer couldn't stop the well-farmed naix and his team from pushing and IGG won this game.

MET vs 4gl.kgb

Denmark Mom equal Toilet Serbia 4 Glory KGB
Spectre Stealth Assassin Nerubian Assassin Keeper of the Light
Lifestealer Earthshaker Omniknight Admiral Proudmoore
Tidehunter MeT|Donald-Duck (t)Broodmother 4gl.Green (t)
Priestess of the Moon MeT|miseRy- (t)Holy Knight 4gl.opijum (f)
Faerie Dragon MeT|miGGel (m)Necro'lic 4gl.zep (m)
Warlock MeT|Smiske (b)Pandaren Brewmaster 4gl.Bane (b)
Geomancer MeT|Angel (b)Crystal Maiden 4gl.Yoca (b)

Both team got some nice line-up. MET are having Geomancer as main-carry but is laning against the popular maiden together with the quite unusual panda. Mid-lan miGGel plays a solo-puck against zep's visage. A lane both players should be able to survive, but the winner of the lane will propably be the one who will get most ganks from his fellow players and with a chen in the jungles, puck has to care. Top lane brood is against potm and tide. If met gets som early sentry here they should be able to prevent brood from farming and win this lane. There is no replay of this match, so how it went is hard to say, but MET won, so my guess would be that Geomancer and potm got well-farmed, while especially brood suffered a hard time and the panda turned out being a bit useless. vs srs

Europe Ks.Int France srs
Spectre Keeper of the Light Holy Knight Lord of Olympia
Admiral Proudmoore Geomancer Broodmother Omniknight
LifestealerFaerie Dragon Nerubian Assassin
Priestess of the MoonStealth Assassin Crystal Maiden Demon Witch
EnigmaTinker Necro'lic
Enigma (t)Necro'lic Cat (t)
Stealth Assassin Levent (t)Tinker i)arka- (m)
Faerie Dragon (m)Crystal Maiden Baja (m)
Lifestealer (m)Nerubian Assassin g0g1- (b)
Priestess of the Moon (b)Demon Witch LTM (b)

With both riki and naix would for sure have the best late-game and with potm and puck they should also be able to put pressure on the map early and mid game. But on the other hand serious gaming are having strong ganking capabilities as tinker and nerub, and with infinite mana from the maiden-aura they might be able to perform the necessary ganking to prevent riki/naix onwage.

But LevenT is playing a 15-minute godlike riki and Miracle as naix and Kuroky as potm is also performing very well with some nice gank-support from enigma and puck played by puppey and vigoss leaving serious gaming with very little chance to succeed and even though serious gets some nice ganks off, wins this games.

eSuba vs DNA-SK

Czech Republic eSuba Malaysia DNA-SK
Necro'lic Holy Knight Admiral Proudmoore Stealth Assassin
Omniknight Nerubian Assassin Spectre Lord of Olympia
Broodmother eSuba|Iacek (t)Demon Witch -Zuki-|r (t)
Keeper of the Light eSuba|SwOOp (m)Pandaren Brewmaster Ice-WeNz|sS (f)
Earthshaker eSuba|AnGeL (m)Tinker -n|cXh-| (m)
Lifestealer eSuba|SuRpR1se (b)Tidehunter Stim-Bboy (b)
Slayer eSuba|Tonci (b)Faerie Dragon Ice-AhyeEz- (b)

Juged by the picks I think most people would agreed that that eSuba had the best lineup, with strong lanes like es/kotl and naix/lina, while the asian team are relying on the tinker getting fast boots of travel and being able to gank a lot.

The game was reloaded like 6 times, so no replays is available, but it seems that tinker and the rest of the team was able to do the necessary gank and farm to prevent naix from dominating late-game. At least DNA-SK won this game.

BioXaR vs Rush3d

Germany BioXaR Russia Rush3D
Keeper of the Light Nerubian Assassin Admiral Proudmoore Holy Knight
Spectre Stealth Assassin Lifestealer Earthshaker
BroodmotherLord of Olympia Warlock
Priestess of the Moon Crystal MaidenOmniknight Tidehunter
Sand King Centaur Warchief Geomancer
Broodmother BioXaR|Stryke (t)Geomancer rush3d.pgg (t)
Priestess of the Moon BioXaR|hexOr (m)Warlock ARS-ART (t)
Sand King BioXaR|EDE (m)Omniknight Rush3D.Light (m)
Crystal Maiden BioXaR|eQuiNOX (b)Tidehunter Rush3D.RiPPeR (b)
Centaur Warchief BioXaR|scream (b)Lord of Olympia NS (b)

In this game I think most people would agree that BioXaR have the strongest lanes with a brood top, who whould be able to survive, a double lane mid against rather unusual solo-omni played by the legendary farmer LightOfHeaven. Down lane BioXaR are having maiden and cent, against tide and zues and the disapple of maiden and cent should be able to win against the spam of zues.

When the game is roling there isn't much suprises as BioXaR is taking the lead and especially cent are getting some nice kills. Rush3d are trying some pushes, but BioXaR do some very nice tp's which owns rush3d pretty much, and in the end a very fat centaur is winning together with the rest of BioXaR.

IdP vs MaeY

Europe Imba Dota Pros Europe MaeY
Admiral Proudmoore Spectre Lord of Olympia Broodmother
Earthshaker Stealth Assassin Holy Knight Nerubian Assassin
OmniknightFaerie DragonKeeper of the Light
LifestealerPriestess of the Moon Warlock Tidehunter
Butcher Dragon Knight Death Prophet
Lifestealer The_13abyKnight (t)Keeper of the Light Modulee (t)
Faerie Dragon ciano-_- (m)Tidehunter EvenDarkerBOB (t)
Priestess of the Moon [IdP]th0t4r (m)Death Prophet Kinkku (m)
Omniknight Siraxta (b)Dragon Knight Gilnor (b)
Butcher stylej (b)Warlock Bambukarhu (b)

In this game IdP was able to get naix for nr. 1 sig-farmer The_13abyKnight, which certainly will secure some late-game for IdP. At the same time they have the notorious omni/pudge combination in bottom lane. In mid they have a potm aginst Death Prophet, which is a very unusual pick.

As foreseen death prophet didn't do much in the game, and pudge/omni kind of raped bottom lane, and a lot of action happened and IdP gained a lot of kills. An though the first 20 minutes The_13abyknight didn't leave top lane and had 100 creeps after 20 minutes. Soon after MaeY called gg.

TPL vs eSport United

United States The Punching Ligers Sweden eSports United
Keeper of the Light Admiral Proudmoore Faerie Dragon Stealth Assassin
Spectre Nerubian Assassin Broodmother Earthshaker
Priestess of the Moon wtfGuineaPirate (t)Lord of Olympia PieLieDie (t)
Ogre Magi Fanat1c[ P ] (t)Crystal Maiden DAddyFootlong (m)
Lifestealer JohnnyUtah (m)Slithereen Guard pepp3 (m)
Holy Knight LaStHiTMaGiC (f)Omniknight Nijt7 (b)
Geomancer Stripez (b)Warlock pellehenrik (b)

Another game with rather unusual picks. TPL top lane is quite strong with a lot of nukes, but having naix solo mid is quite risky and and even more risky would be sending Geomancer bottom. But hopefully LastHitMagic will play a superior chen like he did last final against mym. eSports United are on the other hand having 3 intellegence heroes, a omni and a sladar. That would for sure give them better lanes early game, but it is not certain whether sladar will be able to carry the game. But it seems like he could. At least eSports United won the game, but no replay is available.

SK vs x6

Sweden SK gaming United States Check Six
Keeper of the Light Lifestealer Broodmother Geomancer
Spectre Admiral Proudmoore Nerubian Assassin Stealth Assassin
Earthshaker Faerie Dragon Necro'lic
WarlockHoly Knight Queen of Pain Pit Lord
Priestess of the MoonTinkerGoblin Techies
Warlock SK.Tompa (t)Necro'lic AMXZaku (t)
Holy Knight SK.Hailo (f)Goblin Techies Check6^Zaetr (t)
Tinker SK.Snow (m)Faerie Dragon Samurai[ P ] (m)
Earthshaker SK.Kwom (m)Queen of Pain x6.merc (b)
Priestess of the Moon SK.Loda (b)Pit Lord darksheep- (b)

x6 picked techies... gg :)
(yeah I know srs once owned MYM with techies but still...)
No to be a bit serious SK really has the best lineup here. Solo warlock with chen supporting from jungle is playable against visage and techies and techies are even pretty easy kill. Tinker will of cause have a hard time against puck mid, but downlane potm/es will easy get kills on qop leaving Pit Lord to do nothing in this game.

I dont like techies that true, but if you can play a techies and get some nice early kills with suicide and mines and buy some time for you team I guess it is fine, but Zaetr didn't manage do to that. In fact he got his first kill 18 minutes ingame. But Puck and QoP did some nice ganking and visage got some really nice farm, but then potm got farmed too and warlock got necro 3 and gem, making techies even more useless and in the end SK won the game.

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