GEST: Pacific eMaxx last team to advance, makes the top 4 an all pinoy battle

Posted by Hamodi ".mOwdi." Aboukowik at 16 September 2012 11:16

Dreamz, Pacific.Palit, iZone and Pacific.eMaxx advance. Neolution, iDeal, G7 and SVR_Es are eliminated.

Dreamz showing what they can bring to the table being the first team to advance to the semis defeating Deperruku in round 1 and iDeal in round 2. iDeal, runner-ups of last GEST went for a support Kunkka which really did not work out at all, and the lack of disables allowed Dreamz to farm Queen of Pain and Weaver out of control.

Pacific.Palit means business this month, defeating NeoES.Ph in the first round and defeating Neolution with a 50-18 score. It was just a completely one-sided game for them, they took control early and just saw it through.

SVR_Es giving the former champs a run for their money. Not giving iZone an easy win but still they are just too much for SVR_ES showing why they are the defending champs. After some well executed clashes and the usages of Necronomicons on Windrunner and Chaos Knight (who actually played as a support to Kunkka this game) they managed to seal the deal and secure their spot in top4.

Pacific eMaxx and G7 had some technical problems and had to reload several times, but eventually one of G7 couldn't reconnect and they lost. That colours an entirely Philippine top4 and the semi final between Pacific.Palit and Dreamz is already live.

GEST September
09:00: Round 2
Philippines Dreamz 1 - 0 Thailand iDeal Replay!
Thailand Neolution 0 - 1 Philippines Pacific.Palit Replay!
Philippines Pacific.eMaxx 1 - 0 Myanmar G7 Replay!
Philippines iZone 1 - 0 Cambodia SVR_ES Replay!
11:00: Round 3
Philippines Pacific.Palit vs Philippines Dreamz Bet!
Philippines iZone vs Philippines eMaxx Bet!

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