Revenge of the Warrior: 2nd Showmatch.

DotA Philipp “ereskigal” Hartmann

Next showmatch is scheduled for 30th August 2009, 20:30 CET. Check news for lineup and other information.

As it was in "Revenge of the Warrior", the unofficial Ong-Bak 2: Story? Who cares! Fistfights? I like!
So nobody cares about a background story. The audience wants fists and blood and GosuGamers is willing to satisfy your needs.
Nevertheless, there has to be a story. At least for all the women reading this news.

As you all know, last match was won by Germany Zeyall, where in an epic battle Scourge was able to overrun Sentinel.
But as it appeared in the Warcraft III Campaign, Sylvanas Windrunner fought back, until she finally was converted and even then she tried to resist.
Considering Germany ereskigal as Sylvanas [just half as sexy]; there will of course be a second match.

The showmatches will become series. As Germany ereskigal wrote in his blog recently, the rules for this series are:

The community will vote for one player from each team to stay in the team. The other three players of each team will be replaced by other players (chosen by Zeyall and ereskigal).
The players from the last showmatch will then be suspended for one game, and also for an additional match for the team they played for in the last match.
To explain this rule, here is an example: Zeyall had Misery and Azen in last match. Now let's assume you - the community - will vote for misery to play the next match again, so azen will be suspended for ereskigal's one match, and for Zeyall's two matches.

The teams were already chosen, and the lineup will be:

Crew War #2
The Warrior The Master
Germany ereskigalGermany Zeyall
United States DeMoN [EG]Sweden Miracle [Razer.CGC]
Germany DeMeNt [EVO]Denmark Ducky [unique]
Russia NS Denmark miGGel [Ravens]
Germany KuroKyDenmark MiSeRy [fnatic]

We will start the first Poll, it is Zeyall's team. The Duration will be 7 Days. Happy voting!


: MiSeRy will take the last spot in Zeyall's team. Now it is time to vote for ereskigal's last addition! Vote once again!

Update 2: Since JoliE has to work on Sunday, Sweden Miracle will replace him.

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