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Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 05 January 2013 00:00

Currently Alliance is on a hot streak over in Shanghai, winning the group without losing a single game. GosuGamers talked to position-4 player Akke, most known for his Chen, after the group's end.



Akke mentions what he thinks of Invictus Gaming's current form and how they tried to adapt to both playing vs Wisp as well as playing Wisp themselves during the event. He also expects to meet LGD in the final and believes this match to be harder than the group match since it's a best-of-three.

The strategy used against DK was brought to attention at the last night of boot camp as a fun thing, to try the fastest Rosh strat with heroes that still works in terms of laning. They timed everything and also timed how long it took to run to the Rosh area as Radiant using smoke. They were pleased using the strategy right away because of the risk of not having the chance to use a strategy later if you save it for too long.


It feels like they try to ban out a player and we're always having another pick. It was fun to see LGD banning out Chen first, I was really happy about that. I mean, I was sad that I didn't get to play Chen but it's always nice to see that they think it's good pick.


Akke was curious to see how well they'd do against the top Chinese competition, and if it'd be necessary or not to move to China to play or if it'd be enough to stay at gaming house back in Sweden. He also considers themselves to be diverse and able to keep up the variation, such as their usage of Phantom Assassin which for instance is really strong vs Lifestealer, Lifestealer being one of the hottest picks in China.


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