ELEAGUE Premier 2017 - Group A roundup

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

With the ELEAGUE Premier Group B matches set to start very soon, we take a look at the final group stage standings of Group A.

The first group stage matches of ELEAGUE Premier 2017 took place on September 8th-9th, deciding two teams to continue on to the quarter-finals of the tournament series. A total of five maps were played over the course of the two days, with FaZe Clan and G2 Esports proceeding to the play-offs of the $1,000,000 event. 

Below you will find a table containing information regarding the four teams' performance, followed by a breakdown of each of the matches:

  Win/Loss Round differential
Europe FaZe Clan 2-0 17
France G2 Esports 2-1 21
Ukraine Natus Vincere 1-2 -10
Australia Renegades 0-2 -28

Friday, September 8th

FaZe Clan vs. Renegades - de_mirage 

16:9 (8:7, 8:2)

A strong start on the T side for Renegades, as the Australian majority team managed to close out the first three round of the half. Immediate retaliation from FaZe ensued, whereby the CTs defused in round four, followed by a five round win streak. Renegades managed to secure the majority of the final six rounds of  the half, leading to a slight edge at 8:7.

Following a side switch FaZe engaged in domination. The first six consecutive rounds fell in their favour, in addition to three bomb plants over the course of aforementioned rounds. On the back of a significant economic lead and a loss bonus reset for Renegades in rounds 22 and 23 FaZe Clan closed out with a dominant 16:9 score. In this series FaZe's star player Nikola "NiKo" Kovac stood out of all players, consistently fragging the opposition, in turn landing a massive advantage for his team. Come the finalisation of the match the player boasted a total of 25 kills, seven higher than the top-fragger of Renegades in AZR. 

G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere - de_inferno 

10:16 (9:6, 1:10)

G2 Esports kicked off inferno on the T side, able to land the pistol and following two rounds. Come gun round the Ukrainian roster managed to land a defuse, only to lose their round loss bonus in the follow up. Back and forth between the teams ensued, with the Frenchmen taking the high road by round fifteen at 9:6. 

Natus Vincere had warmed up amply at this point, proving the aforementioned with a solid pistol round, followed by another two. G2 Esports win the first gun round of the half, only to concede the following seven to Natus Vincere. With a single round to ten, the Frenchmen lost the map at 10:16. None other than Ukrainian CS:GO prodigy Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev reared his head in this engagement, landing a 2.08 K:D ratio, blowing both his teammates and opponents out of the water in terms of sheer impact.

FaZe Clan vs. Natus Vincere - de_inferno

16:9 (9:6, 7:0)

The final match of the day would determine the first team to enter play-offs. FaZe dominated the earlier stage of the initial half on the CT side, consistently producing rounds all the way to a 7:0 lead. Na'Vi caught up slightly with six of their own, however two were dotted in-between for FaZe, leading to a 9:6 CT side finish. 

The T side could only be described as an utter stomp for FaZe Clan, as the team made a home run, reeling in seven rounds to zero for Na'Vi. With a 9:16 score Natus Vincere were forced to play decider matches in a bid to secure a placement in the play-offs. Naturally with such a dominant performance members of FaZe Clan had comparatively high ratios and performance ratings, with three members of the team in 'rain', 'GuardiaN' and 'olofmeister' topping the scoreboard. 


Saturday, September 9th

Renegades vs. G2 Esports - de_mirage & de_nuke (0-2)

de_mirage - 9:16 (3:12, 6:4)

Embittered by the loss against Na'Vi earlier, G2 Esports were determined to make work of Renegades in order to have their revenge on the Ukrainian roster. Starting on the CT side the Frenchmen kicked off swimmingly, landing eight consecutive rounds. This was the general theme of the initial half, whereby a total of three rounds were accrued by the Australian majority roster come its conclusion at 12:3.

Having jumped over to the defence in the latter half Renegades managed a streak of five wins early on, only for G2 to come back strong with a string of three round victories, placing the team at a 15:8 score line. Renegades managed to postpone the Frenchmens' celebration by one at 9:15, unfortunately conceding the first map at 9:16. Particular impact was seen from French AWPer Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub, who very nearly hit the 30 bomb mark at 26 kills come the mirage's conclusion. 

de_nuke - 2:16 (2:13, 0:3)

Nuke was very apparently a terrible map for Renegades to play on, as it transpired that the team was essentially unable to pose a threat against the French offensive. Time and time again G2 were able to breach bomb sites and simply out-frag the opposition, leading to a colossal deficit for the Australian majority roster at 0:12. The Frenchmen were unable to secure a flawless performance, as Renegades finally managed to scrape two rounds together, only to concede the last at 13:2. 

A clean cut conclusion to this domination was seen on the CT side for G2, as the team secured the pistol and following two, closing out at a incredible 16:2 score line. As is frequently the case with such lop-sided performances the entire roster of G2 Esports was higher in rating than any given member of Renegades, painting a vivid picture of the map in number form.

Natus Vincere vs. G2 Esports - de_cobblestone & de_inferno (0-2)

de_cobblestone - 12:16 (6:9, 6:7)

The deciding match of group A saw France and Ukraine clash for the second slot in the quarter-finals. Natus Vincere kicked off on the CT side of cobble where the team successfully managed a 5:0 streak. G2 retaliated with four rounds of their own, each of which saw a bomb planted, greatly contributing to the team's financial situation. Na'Vi managed a single additional round, leading to a subsequent 9:6 first half finish for G2's T side.

Once more Natus Vincere was able to secure consistent victories on the back off early half momentum, gaining the lead back at 11:9. Much like the previous half, however, G2 Esports sped ahead with five consecutive rounds. At 14:11 G2 Esports were just two rounds away from victory. Na'Vi managed to postpone their subsequent loss by a single round at 12:16. Richard 'shox' Papillon topped the scoreboard on cobble, however close behind was Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev, the only member of Natus Vincere who managed to outperform the enemy team.

de_inferno - 14:16 (12:3, 2:13)

Natus Vincere once more excelled early-game, utterly destroying G2 Esports on the T side of inferno. A whopping ten round lead was accrued by the Ukrainians before G2 Esports was able to answer back. Even so, as few as three rounds fell in favour of the Frenchmen, whilst Na'Vi transferred to the latter half at a convincing 12:3.

The teams switched sides, as well as performances. G2 landed the pistol followed by two, with Natus Vincere picking up their first gun round as CT. One more round was accrued by Natus Vincere, with the rest falling in favour of G2 Esports. Despite the massive lead the Ukrainian roster was unable to close out, falling with a 14:16 score line. An outstanding performance from French AWPer Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub once again, as the young man accrued a spectacular 32 frags over the course of the thirty rounds. 

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