Esports Balkan League announce round one match-ups

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 07 September 2017 01:02

Esports Balkan League have revealed the first round match-ups. 

Esports Balkan League is the largest Esports event in the Balkan region to date, featuring a €120,000 prize pool. Recently the tournament organisers had announced the first round of match-ups, taking place mid-September. Eight teams will duke it out on Monday, September 11th and Thursday, September 14th in a bid to advance further into the tournament. On this particular occasion the eight finest teams from the region received a direct invite. This will cease to be the case in Season 2 of the Esports Balkan League, whereby all interested participants will have a chance to be admitted via open qualifiers.


Below are the match-ups for the two dates (all times expressed in CEST):

Monday, September 11th
19:00 - Serbia Binary Dragons vs. Hungary Volgare
21:00 - Serbia Squared eSports vs. Bulgaria ex-Imperial

Thursday, September 14th
19:00 - Romania Nexus Gaming vs. Slovenia Kliktech
21:00 - Serbia Resistance vs. Bulgaria ex-Outlaws

All matches may be viewed on the Fortuna Esports channel.


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