StarCraft II not to be featured at DreamHack Summer

StarCraft 2 Chara “chartria” Triantafyllidou

As confirmed by Steisjo, we won't see any StarCraft II action in DreamHack Summer.

Despite the abscence of StarCraft II from last year's DreamHack Summer, many members of the community hoped to see some action this year, due to the game reviving after the release of Legacy of the Void. Even though many interesting premier leagues and major events are going on in the StarCraft competitive scene, DreamHack Summer will not feature StarCraft II. The news is confirmed by the DreamHack eSports coordinator, Steisjo, on his Twitter account. 

The reactions from the community members have been mixed so far. Quite a few seem to be disappointed at the news, but there others who expected this to happen.


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