Kiev Lan Party: White-Ra takes it

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Every Ukrainian StarCraft player remembers the Ukrainian Star League. Unfortunately, the sponsors are no longer interested in it, and so few LANs are in Ukraine now with USL being on hold. Nevertheless, the USL-like LAN party took place on the 23rd of February. About forty players left for Kiev to enjoy what awaited them.

vault-city_logo.jpgThe location was the computer club Vault-City; with admins St)Leon(, St)Uraganchik( and Shad. Every top Ukrainian player, except Strelok took part. RoX.Alf, MyM.White-ra, St)Dimaga(, St)Marwin(, St)Perchik(, and a special guest, LoWeLy[F2F] from Belarus all were there.

Though the prize pool was poor compared to past USLs, everyone was going to win, and results turned out brilliant.

The winners are...

#1 Ukraine mYm.White-RaLogitech Z-10 + 1000 ladder pts
#2 Ukraine RoX.AlfLogitech Z-4i + 500 ladder pts
#3 Ukraine St)Dimaga(Logitech G5 + 300 ladder pts
#4 Belarus LoWeLy[F2F]Logitech G3

Aleks mYm.White-Ra Krupnick
Winner Brackets
Winner Quarter Finals
Ukraine St.orm > Ukraine St)Marwin(
Ukraine MyM.White-Ra > Ukraine St)Quiz(
Ukraine St)Dimaga( > Ukraine RoX.ALF
Belarus LoWeLy[F2F] > Ukraine [SR]Vasilisk
Winner Semi-Final
Ukraine St)Marwin( < Ukraine MyM.White-Ra
Ukraine St)Dimaga( > Belarus LoWeLy[F2F]
Winner Final
Ukraine St)Dimaga( < Ukraine MyM.White-Ra

Grand Final
Ukraine RoX.ALF < Ukraine MyM.White-Ra

Loser Brackets
Loser Final
Ukraine RoX.ALF > Belarus LoWeLy[F2F]
Loser Semi-Final
Ukraine St)Marwin( < Ukraine RoX.ALF
Belarus LoWeLy[F2F] > Ukraine St)Akuna(

Ukraine Blaze:
"I don't need to introduce this Protoss. I hope you all know him. If not, you may remove Brood War for ages."

The interview

OK, let's start. I suppose you have a huge expirience in LAN tournaments. You have also been in Vault-City. So tell us if you are satisfied with this tournament as well?

Ukraine White-Ra:
— I've played many offline tournaments, but I enjoy Vault-City ones most of all. It's a special friendly atmosphere, you always have a free computer to play in, no problems with hardware and so on. This is the difference with ASUS and others.

How about new Cyber-Arena? Was not afraid to play everyone watching, like Koreans?
— Yup, it's interesting but far from "new". But anyway it's good. Observers are enjoyed, so me too. Afraid? Why?

I see. How about games? Your match versus St)Dimaga( was extremely hot!
— My fellow countrymen are good, and I know it. I missed Strelok. Wanted to play versus him.

I have also noticed some correspondents with you. I suppose you work in some TV show or stuff? Do you think the cybersport in Ukraine will become as popular as in other countries?
— To tell the truth, it's developing so slow. But we are working hard. We already have a TV-Show in Odessa city, and we also have our own magazine.

Have you heard about cybersport in Chinise Olimpic games? What's your oppinion?
— A huge gap for cybersport in future. I hope everything will work smooth.

How about making some huge Ukrainian cybersport e-magazine? I mean we have nothing, except lonely wep-pages. But nothing with rates, newspost from all over the world and stuff.
— Ye, I got it. Well, no reason. We already have a lot of portals, they are far from ideal, but still interesting. I prefer

You played many teams, but the last choice is MyM. Why?
— Because your offline tournament trips are paid. Example - you may go to China. And the main reason is my friends in this team and their great level in game.

OK. I hope we will also be able to make same team. Heading for SainT
— Yeah, you are good ;) The tournament was managed very well.

Thank you very much for this interview. It was big pleasure for me.
— You are welcome. Good luck.

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