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[subject_starcraft] For all Starcraft fans who like to follow the birth of the number one RTS game, you can now do so at "Starcraft beta central". It contains a very detailed article with screenshots from the beta including a lot of information which might seem intresting even for the most die hard Starcraft fan. Some pictures don't seem to work but most of the stuff is. And I must say, those carriers looked really nice!

Extraction from the text:
Starcraft had a long and exciting history of being developed. It has been delayed many times and could have came out in 1996. What took StarCraft soo long to develop into a final product??

As Blizzard finished warcraft2, it became a remarkable success. Afterwards blizzard has dedicated itself to be a good company. They have rushed to make a Starcraft their new game. It would be basically an improved warcraft2 2. It would have 3 races and they would be totally different, as opposing to warcraft2 2 with its mirror images. But as they almost finished their StarCraft game, they released it to E3 show. After that it was criticized soo much, since it looked too much like warcraft2.
From then, they totally changed the game engine


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