Lan-Z Latin CL: The Final

Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 21 March 2006 08:00

Once again osR.D'oh! and oM- face each other in a final. StarCraft mortals of the Lan-Z Latin Clanleague know in their hearts that there can be only one. May the best clan win!

After three months full of intensive battles between the most importante Teams from Latin America, we are finally ending the first Lan-Z Latin Clanleague. Now there are only two teams left and only one will be the champion. All the eyes of the Latin American StarCraft players will be watching next Saturday when osR.D'oh! will face oM- in the final match. The results of the playoffs:


1/8 Final

Peru CKG-vs.Chile AwP)7:0
Chile (CHILE)vs.Brazil -TBE-5:2
Peru CKG-Bvs.Brazil [rT]Team3:4
oM-vs. Brazil kaOz.7:0
Chile [db]vs.Chile WarZ3:4
Chile Lwp]vs.Chile osR.D'oh!0:7
Chile xG]vs.Chile UseYour- 3:4
Chile Arenavs.Chile AdN][7:0

1/4 Final

Peru CKG- vs. Chile (CHILE)4:3
oM-vs.Brazil [rT]Team4:3
Chile osR.D'oh!vs.Chile WarZ7:0
Chile Arena vs.Brazil UseYour-4:3

1/2 Final

Peru CKGvs. oM-3:4
Chile osR.D'oh!vs. Chile Arena5:2

We have also online the Replays Packs of the Semifinals, click below. So this Saturday the FINAL between Chile osR.D'oh! and oM- will take place and we will know who is the new Latin Clanleague Champion!

//Submitted and written by Guest writer & 1com member Chile Mister-X.

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