Gambit's Cup #3: Playoffs kicking off tomorrow

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 19 May 2013 00:51
gambit's cup

Third edition of the Gambit's Cup is slowly coming to its end. After the long second part of the season, we are going into to playoffs, into the second finalist decider between LRM) and Russian powerhouse iFU.

After three months, Gambit's Cup is going into the playoffs. Hungarian team sas is already awaiting in the finals, having placed first in the following season.

The second finalist will be decided in a very interesting match between teams LRM) and iFU.


# Team W L
1 Hungary sas 8 0
2 Russia iFU 7 1
3 Spain LRM) 6 2
4 Poland NW 5 3
5 Bulgaria SJ 4 4
6 Russia FR 3 5
7 Russia iWL 2 6
8 United States [PaiN] 1 7
9 United States Fox 0 8


The second finalist decider game will be starting today, on the 19th May at 17CET.

The grand final games will be played over three days, with the first one starting on 26th May.

Prize pool was increased during the tournament and now the total prize pool is $1850, with $1525 going for the first team, and the rest, $325 goes to the second placed team.

The games will casted over at L_Master's channel.

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