ZOTAC Cup Results

Posted by Simon "Go0g3n" at 14 December 2009 17:55

It's been a very long time since we've done a ZOTAC update, instead of making excuses for 'having a thing' for every second of the past 3 weeks we're just going to admit that we've dropped the ball and move on:


Winner: XiaOzI
Runner-up: DDingdong
Score: 3-2


Winner: ESC.Strelok
Runner-up: RoX.Fraer
Score: 3-2


Winner: ESC.Kolll
Runner-up: XiaOzI
Score: 3-0


Winner: ESC.White-Ra
Runner-up: Tarson
Score: 3-0


Winner: RoX.Fraer
Runner-up: ESC.MaNa
Score: 3-1

As you can see ESC is pretty much dominating the tour. Koll keeps his climb to the top of the current StarCraft scene, alongside beating IdrA at WCG and easily advancing to TSL playoffs he now has another bunch of big green American ones from the hardware giant.

White-Ra and Strelok won countless number of these tours, keep the streak going. MaNa, ranked #3 in TSL ladder lost his to Fraer, was a good game though. That's it for this update, we'll try to do more frequent updates.

If you'd like to know first hand what one of the winners, our beloved TSL finalist Fenix has to say about this tour, just read his comment below.

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