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King of the hill, season 2 round 3 - TreK vs VeG!

It's time too se if TreK has got what it takes not only to win against SaSin)Child and ToT)Mondragon(, but to win the whole season. If he wins, he gets to step into the Hall of fame and resign - temporarily, of course - as the king of the hill. After that, the season will be restarted including two new challengers. This procedure happens anytime a king wins three wins in a row. But we are not there yet. TreK has got two - not three - wins and is now facing VeG in a best out of seven match on Battle.net. The first map will be, as presented in the introduction, Plains to hill. After that it's the loser's pick on the maps below.

Maps Khoral of Ceres
Gorky Islands
Martain Cross
Dahlia of Jungle
Challenger presentation - VeG[pG]
NameAlexandre Hulak
LocationMontreal, Canada
Race Terran
What are your experience and personal opinions about TreK as a player ?
I was in the same clan, OEM, as TreK for some while. I think he's a great player and a threat to all Swedish players for WCG. I don't know him too well, but I've been informed he likes to do.. hm... ODD strategies :-)

What matchups do you think it will be?
Well, Trek, I think he might play protoss or zerg depending on the map, I don't think he will play Terran vs Terran. TvT is my favourite matchup, on every map. It's just a great test of skills and precision. Some matchups are imbalanced so in TvT it really shows some true skill.
Any comments about the maps?
I can't wait to try out the new wcg maps! And I'm quite familiar with the 3 others, guillotine, nostalgia and p2h. Quite pleased about the map selection!
Any comments about the results ?
No I can honestly say I dont know trek well enough and cant even remember the last time we played so anything can happen ;)
King's presentation - iG.TreK-PL
NameFredrik Nelson
LocationStockholm, Sweden
Race Terran
What are your experience and personal opinions about VeG as a player ?
Good mannered boy with funny name...probably got some madskillz too!

What matchups do you think it will be?
Probably. PvT and ZvT since TvT is so fucking boring. Depends on map...

Any comments about the maps?
-haven't played any of em =[

Any comments about the results ?
My manager, mwe, told me not to comment that question.
GL to u veg!
cheers lovvah.
DateSeptember 5th
Time19.00 CET
LocationBattle.net, Europe
Channelop Mazor-sG
Best out of7
Radio server #1 - Broadband
Program required to listenWinamp
Max listeners300
Server location Sweden
Server broadcasting language English
Server qualityMade for broadband users
Current statusOnline, broadcasting
Radio server #2 - Modem
Program required to listenWinamp
Max listeners128
Server location Sweden
Server broadcasting language English
Server qualityMade for modem users
Current statusOnline, broadcasting

So, begun it has. 19.00 CET the games started and both players logged on to battle.net. I was broadcasting radio, this time on two great servers - one for broadband users and one for modem. The radio went really smooth and I'm getting more and more used to broadcasting in English. A few quotes:

Game 4, VeG: "Pick protoss... or be dumb chosing zerg and be owned o.O;"
Game 5, TreK: "So if I win this map, u die"

Results of King of the hill - Round 3 season 2:
Player 1Player 2MapReplay
iG.TreK-PL< VeG[pG]Plains to Hill » Here
iG.TreK-PL> VeG[pG]Nostalgia » Here
iG.TreK-PL> VeG[pG]Martain Cross » Here
iG.TreK-PL< VeG[pG]Guillotine » Here
iG.TreK-PL> VeG[pG]Dahlia of Jungle» Here
iG.TreK-PL> VeG[pG]Korhal of ceres» Here

So, the final results are:
iG.TreK-PL > VeG[pG] 4-2

What a great finish to our king of the hill serie. This means that trek, with 3 wins in a row, has won season number two and a new season - with two challengers - will be started. One of the challengers will be )ToT(aCe, the other isn't decided yet. Thanks to Henkeponken and ArtofStorm for hosting of the radio. It's been a nice evening! Thanks all! Congratulations TreK, what a great victory!