WWI: Blizzard vs Community in SC2

General Jonatan “Mazor” Littke

The winners of the 2on2 community tournament organized by Blizzard and GosuGamers were today fighting against Blizzard representatives in what was the first public showmatch of SC2 ever!


The first match is between one gamer from each of the top two teams of the 2on2 tournament organized by Blizzard in cooperation with GosuGamers. Once they've fought, they'll be facing Karune and Soldier of Blizzard.

Update: Karune just lost his game. It was an interesting match to follow even though there was only first person of Karune available, no observer mode is completed yet. Manifesto7 and Tasteless were shoutcasting as always, not being able to understand precisely everything going on but certainly making it interesting nonetheless.

Karune was attacked from both sides of his main by lots of stalkers. He made a Dark Templar attack in the beginning that was quite successful but didn't last all the way.

Another thing to note, in defense of our loved Blizzard representative is that neither of the players had any headphones and could thus hear the commentating perfectly, making it quite unfair for Karune since it was only his vision that was showed.

It seems like a lot of fun so far even though the setup and quality obviously isn't close to a pro match of SC1, and the game appeared very spectator friendly with lots of people watching.

Soldier is now facing the second player of the winners of the 2on2 tour.

Update: Soldier was facing GosuGamers member Germany G.s)NarutO but lost. NarutO was one of the players who participated in the 2on2 community tournament we helped Blizzard organize. He told GosuGamers that the competition was not too good, except for facing Poland Raven. His team still managed to win and was particularly happy about being able to play SC2 without a time limit because of his participation in the 2on2 tournament.

Soldier, of Blizzard, told GosuGamers he played Zerg to show the audience the race since none of the other had picked Zerg before. He tried an early rush which failed and gave NarutO the win.
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