Blizzard's new game: Counting down

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Blizzard are announcing the new game Saturday 19th and GosuGamers gives you the updates while we count down!

With 24 hours remaining until the announcement, Blizzard just published the last (?) hype image: World of WarCraft (2004).

The official WoW sites (, now link in together with the annoucement. So do,, and

There are now 24 hours left and the comment section of this news is the place to be for the ones interested in staying up. GosuGamers will live update this news as it gets closer to release.

Exact time of the announcement is estimated by the GosuCrew to be: 07-09 CET, 05-07 GMT, 14-16 KOR, 10pm-00 PST, 1am-3am EST. That time is not officially confirmed and may be inaccurate.

Update 14:01 (CET): The website now also links to the splash image.

Update 15.56: Added a countdown script at the top of the front page. Please note that it counts to the earliest possibility: since we do not know whether the announcement will be in the beginning or the end of that period, we chose to count to the beginning of it. Note, however, it might still be announced at the end of it, meaning the counter +2 hours.

Update 00:56: Live streams?

Unfortunately not much to update on, except for a few things:

It seems possible we will have access to video streams to follow the event live. has streams for both the MBC and OGN channels.

Giga TV broadcasted from the WWI earlier today and might have something during the announcement. and the GGLTV will promised to broadcast the event live.

Hopefully these streams will not be overloaded and will not be crashed, so that we can all enjoy the updates. Until then please keep discussing in the forums and in the comment section of this news.

Update 01:00: BlizzPlanet, with insider information as always, mentions some information about a project codenamed "Medusa" that has something to do with SC. Check the link.

Update 05:55: It's so calm before the storm. Nothing major at this moment, apart from the Medusa leak mentioned above.

Update 05:58 Once again, to remind everyone: The timer counts down to the first possible time for the announcement to take place. It might be up to two hours later, according to the schedule. Nothing is official yet.

Update 06:52: Stream goes live in 8 minutes! Make sure to tune in at the above mentioned streams. It looks like OGN will broadcast the event so check for that, but we'll update as soon as we know for certain what channels will broadcast.

Update 07:11: We seem unable to get a good stream but according to sources on the spot, the event is just about to begin but still did not start.

Update 07:14: OGN will not broadcast the event it seems, nor will GIGA. is currently overloaded. IGN reports that the program is delayed a few minutes.

Update 07:18: Finally seems to be starting, stay tuned.

Update 07:26: We got reports live from the WWI by IGN, saying that the show has begun and visitors are being welcomed. It seems the event will be in Korean with a translator. As we know right now there is no stream of the event. There will be performances in the show and likely will these be before the new announcement so it might still be a while away.

Update 07:31: A few more speeches have begun and fireworks apparently just went of at the event in Korea.

Update 07:34: Introductions and presentations of Blizzard employees and participating players at the WorldWide Invitational.

Update 07:40: The event is still focusing on the players, talking about the spirit of fair play.

Update 07:47: Annoucement just about to come! Mike Morheim, president of Blizzard, entered the stage, talks about WWI.

Update 07:52: Apparently nothing exciting so far. A video coming up with previous WWIs and some history. Mike Morheim thanking the gaming community for everything. It seems possible they're sticking to the midnight deadline in the U.S, meaning waiting another 7.53. We'll keep you updated though.

Update 07:55: All games being looped through in a video presentation and quotes from the countdown hype ("Stay a while and listen" from Diablo).

Update: 07:57: A video is up with some 'game footage', after the introduction movie. Might be the new game!

Update: 08:00:


ยป Read more about SC2 in our other news on this topic!. Updates on this news will stop so please comment in the new news!