Esports teams unionize, demands are made

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In an attempt to further legitimize tournaments and better serve the players, eSports teams have compiled a list of requirements that must be met in order for their teams to compete.

Alexander Kokhanovskyy (Na'Vi's CEO) has recently sent an email to tournament organizers with a list of demands for their participation. He's had issues with organizers in the past, but this time he has backup. TSM, V.P, Titan, Fnatic, TL, C9, CLG, NiP, and envyus are among the teams that have been confirmed to back the list, but there could be more. 

In the statement it is said that the teams, apart from those in the US, will decline any online only event that does not have a LAN finals. The minimum prize pool has also been required to be $30000 for events over four days and $10000 for events under four days for a US team to participate. 

International teams have asked for much more however. CSGO teams have set the minimum prize pool at $75000 or higher, and DOTA 2 teams are asking for $100000 prize pools. On top of that, the teams are asking for travel support, requiring the organizers to cover either the flights, or three hotel rooms for six people.

The email in its entirety can be read here.

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