Valve introduces The Interactive Compendium

General David “dragonccc” Wang


Valve announces The International Interactive Compendium where fans get to predict matches, vote on awards and compete with their friends to win special prizes. 25% of the revenue from this will be directed towards the final prizepool.

With less than 13 hours before the ticket sales go live, Valve introduces a new feature called the Interactive Compendium which is aimed to improve the connection between the fans and the players. Valve has also announced that the International 3 prize pool might be even higher than the previous ones, as the blog post revealed that 25% of the revenue will be redirected into the prize pool.

Valve, along with selling the tickets, will also add The International Interactive Compendium to the Dota 2 Store. The International Interactive Compendium is a virtual book that allows fans to fully keep up to date with the state of the International. The book allows eligibility for special item drops throughout the tournament and also allows fans to vote on tournament-related community polls. In addition, fans can play games with each other for bragging rights.

Those who buy the Compendium will have a say in assembling the 2013 All Star team where ten players from any team will be voted for, and the winners will play in a showmatch at the International.

In other news, two of the communities favorite casters: Toby “TobiWan” Dawson and Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers have both been confirmed as official casters for the International earlier today via their twitter accounts. Congratulations to both of them!

More information on the Interactive Compendium and the live countdown will be found on the official Dota 2 homepage.

Source:Dota 2 Blog, JoinDota