Five more invited to The International 3

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Dignitas, Na`Vi, DK, Zenith and VP will be the five teams invited to The International 3 in its second wave of invites. Only two more slots left remaining. Who will be next?

The third wave of invites are out and this time, Valve has released five more teams that will be heading to The International 3 later this year. Joining the six invitees will be Team Dignitas, Na`Vi, DK, Zenith and VP.

Invited teams so far:

China Invictus Gaming
Malaysia Orange
Sweden Alliance
Europe Fnatic
United States Team Liquid
United States Team Dignitas
Ukraine Natus Vincere
China DK
Singapore Zenith
Russia Virtus.Pro

Compared to the invitees of last year, Team Dignitas, Alliance, VP and Fnatic will be the new faces heading into the annual event.

With that said, only two more slots are left in Valve's invite list. Teams who fail to receive an invitation will have to go through grueling qualifier sessions before securing their spot in TI3.

On Thursday, it will be revealed which teams will get to play in the qualifiers. The western qualifiers will begin on the 13th of May while the eastern will begin on the 20th of May. Both qualifiers will be hosted by TheGDStudio and BeyondTheSummit respectively.

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