MSIEvoGT.TNC to have first ever headquarters in the Philippines

General Hamodi “.mOwdi.” Aboukowik

MSIEvoGT.TNC taking things seriously this 2013 as they have the first ever Headquarters in the Philippines, a boot camp exclusively for their players only.

MSIEvoGT.TNC has a total of four teams for each gaming category namely Dota 2, Cross Fire, League of Legends and Starcraft II. MSI Notebook for their Gaming Machine, SteelSeries Gaming Gears, HannsG Gaming Monitor and MICHAELSOFT DDS as their Diskless Provider.

After a big announcement by Mineski officially adding Dota 2 to the gaming platform of GMPGL, here we have yet another huge step for E-Sports here in the Philippines. The question is, which organization will be doing this next?

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Hamodi “.mOwdi.” Aboukowik
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