Team rosters for The Asia issued

General Chirag “crashlite” Samtani

Four months ago, the tournament known as The Asia was announced. Now, with just four days away from the $30,000 tournament, every team gathers their gear as they prepare to contest some very fierce teams in Asia.

LGD, MUFC, Natural 9, Orange eSports, Zenith, MITH. All very familiar team names in the Dota 2 scene. Nonetheless, the underdog teams such as Revival from Brunei, JoeNet from Indonesia, TNC-PagiBig from Philippines, Elunes from India, as well as 1ST.Vn from Vietnam will make their presence known at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center this coming week.

The team roster have already been announced, and here are those representing their respective teams:

The Asia's Team Rosters
China LGDChina Xiao8
China Yao
China Sc
China Sylar
Macau ddc

Singapore Zenith
Singapore xy-
Singapore xFreedom
Singapore LuX-
Singapore K-I-N-G
Singapore iceiceice
Brunei RevivalBrunei Wan
Brunei xiiaovnz
Brunei AcelQ
Brunei Mich
Brunei K71
Australia Inv-N9
Australia r1sk
Australia Shatan
Australia Godot
Malaysia WinteR
Malaysia FzFz
Malaysia MUFC
Malaysia Sharky
Malaysia Net
Malaysia Ohaiyo
Malaysia Ling
Singapore HyHy
Malaysia Orange
Malaysia XtincT
Malaysia YamateH
Malaysia ice
Malaysia ky.xy
Malaysia ww_
Indonesia JoeNet
Indonesia DummyNation
Indonesia Fate-
Indonesia DonJuan
Malaysia 993
Malaysia daubeliuteef

India Elunes

India Ben^Dover
India Mr.Crowley
India WaBisuk3
India [email protected]
India PulseOfHeLL
Philippines Tnc.Pag-Ibig
Philippines Cast
Philippines JessieVash
Philippines ninjaboogie
Philippines Foxx
Philippines Ryo

Vietnam 1ST.VN

Vietnam HCMA.Betac
Vietnam HCMA.Misa
Vietnam HCMA.JangNaraldol
Vietnam HCMA.Boss
Vietnam HCMA.Ares
Thailand MITH-Trust
Thailand TnK
Thailand LK
Thailand aabBAA
Thailand r5r5
Thailand sD

Some of the rosters in the respective teams as already mentioned are extremely surprising. Don't miss this gigantic clash on the 22nd of December. The streams for this tournament has yet to be announced, but as soon as updates are given, it will be updated on GosuGamers. You can get the latest coverage for The Asia at GosuGamers coverage site listed in the source below. Stay tuned and prepare your snacks early!

Source: Rapture Gaming, The Asia's Coverage from GosuGamers