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One of the freshest faces of Dota's 2 competitive scene and winner of DreamHack Winter 2012 talks to GosuGamers.

Name: Henrik Ahnberg
Nationality: Sweden Swedish
Age: 21
Team: nth |No Tidehunter
Role: Offlaner
Fav. Hero: Lone Druid lone druid

What does it feel like, coming from the pub scene right into a team such as this?
Honestly at first it’s like a different game. Playing with a team at this level, its so disciplined, every move is thought out, every decision is planned beforehand.
Our team is all about being efficient, playing smart and safe, these are features you don't generally see in pubs.
So at first I was like a fish on land but I have had time to adjust and I have learned a lot in the past 2 months.

How long have you been practicing as a team?
Me, S4 and EternalEnvy have been together for about 2-3 months and Loda + Akke have been with us for 3-4 weeks.

What are your goals as a professional player?
Well I think I’m like any other professional Dota 2 player, I want to win the TI3. However I don’t wanna win it for the money but for the prestige,
"I want to be the best and only the best at TI3."

What are the goals of nth (if been discussed), what should we expect from your team?
The goal is to win TI3 and as many tournaments as possible going up to it.
Our sponsors have talked with us about a gaming house next year Q1 and if they keep their word we will all move there, practicing hard every day, preparing for TI3.

How much time do you think that nth might need, so you will be able to compete with the best teams around the world?
We are already competing with the best in Europe and USA. The Chinese teams are of course stronger but I think even now we can give them a run for their money.

Any interesting strategies working on and want to share?
Maybe :) However I wouldn’t share any of our super secret starts to the public!

Why and how did you come to the Roshan bait strategy at that particular time vs EG?
After the first game we lost there was a big gap before the next game. We sat down in a room, discussing what to do in the next game and S4 mentioned the Roshan bait strat.
"We went over the strat for about 30 minutes so we knew wouldn’t screw it up."

The reason we used it at this time was because we were 1 game behind and needed a good start. We knew they were gonna fall for it since what if we weren't baiting? What if we actually were killing Roshan and 1 of us accidentally got bashed 2-3 times in a row. They had to check and we knew this.

How did the pause between game 1 and 2 of the grand final affect you?
At first we were really down, it was the first game we lost and our moral was at the bottom.
However it gave us time to sit down and talk about what to do next and as you know, S4 came up with the Roshan bait strat and it sounded so funny and I think this really boosted our morale a lot.

How do you feel about winning DHW12, what were your feelings, what were you thinking when EG called the gg?
It was amazing, I couldn’t stop smiling after they called gg. It’s a moment I will never forget.

What are your impressions about your first LAN tournament?
It was really fun, especially since we won it.
I have heard many times that playing on LAN is completely different but honestly, for me it wasn’t.
Only the first game felt awkward, I was really nervous because nothing really felt right, I didn't have time to fix everything like mouse sensitivity, keyboard problems etc.
However after the first game, it was all smooth sailing.

Any negative thoughts or things that shouldn’t happen during DHW12?
Well, delays I guess but it seems impossible to avoid.
Also I wish there were more computers in the player lounge.

Will you accept an offer if you get invited from a better known team?
Definitely not,
"I am happy with my current team and I see great potential in it."

You owe your fame to Dendi (for picking you for few pubs, by your saying), why don't you tell us a little bit more.
At one point I was playing Lone Druid a lot, and I mean A LOT. During that period I met Dendi in pubs quite a few times and apparently he was impressed because he tried to add me to his friendlist. I was honored and we talked a little bit and then some days later he invited me for some pubs.
We played 5-6 games and after that he was going to play an official game and asked me if I wanted to play because Xboct couldn’t.
I played and we won the game. After that I was standin a few more times and that's how I got recognized.

What is your second favorite hero, since we all know that Lone Druidlone druid takes the first place when it comes to this question?
Right now I would have to say Bounty Hunter bounty hunter, I have played him a great deal recently and a lot of it was in Dreamhack and I gotta say hes tons of fun.

You play with constant circle radius activated, what is that for?
Some of the things I use it for is:
1: Experience range when offlaning
2: Leash range for the spirit bear
3: Blink dagger range
I have seen some people getting upset over this and I'm not sure what to think about it.
The majority however, seem to be fine with it and its available for everyone so I don't see the problem.
If you think having a green circle on helps you, then have it on.
If you think having auto attack on helps you, then have it on.
If you think having right click deny on helps you, then have it on.
Use whatever you think helps you as long as it doesn’t break the game rules.

What team were you cheering for at TI2?
I was cheering for CLG, I even bought the pennant!
CLG was the "Swedish" team and it had Akke!
How can you not love Akke!!

What are your favorite professional players?
Dendi, LightOfHeaven, Akke.

Which broadcaster is your favorite and why?
I would say Godz and Tobi. I love Godz’s professionalism and his understanding of the game and Tobi’s capability of making the game really exciting to watch.

Dota 1 or Dota 2 and why?
Obviously Dota 2, it’s just better in pretty much every way.
Valve has done a great job.

Any non-pc related activities?
The only reason I go outside is to go to the gym, Dota is my life :)

Opinion about
I love it, I check it daily for news, upcoming games, bets and rankings.
Really useful!

Any shoutouts?
"To Dendi, my friend."

Image source: joinDOTA