CLG drops from StarLadder

General Mihailo “phourier” Milijanovic
The team decides to withdraw from StarLadder due to personal issues.

CLG at DreamHack summer.

After TR, another team is out of StarLadder star series. This time it's Counter Logic Gaming. We have seen them play with couple of stand-ins today in their match against Na`Vi which Puppey and the boys won pretty convincingly. They were scheduled to play two more matches but as v1lat said on the stream, they decided to forfeit those games and the whole tournament. According to Akke, the main problems are real life commitments which can't be delayed.

Statement by Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall:

"At the moment we have a very serious problem in time for the games, because many studies, work, and other personal matters in their lives. We sincerely apologies for the fact that we have to withdraw from the tournament, I personally, on behalf of the whole team I ask forgiveness from the tournament organizers and our fans who have supported us all this time. "

StarLadder star series will keep on going with 14 teams, so no new teams are going to be added.

Source: StarLadder