We haz Asian - WCG SEE champions!

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf
We haz Asian proved to be on fire in Cologne. Yet again they took it 2-0 vs Wolves and the crowd went wild.

The home team, Germany's We haz Asian fought their way through the qualifiers to join in with known names such as Infused, mTw, SGC and Wolves. They were definitely an underdog at this event but proved to be the kryptonite for Wolves (4-0) whereas Wolves themselves was the kryptonite for mTw (3-0).
WhA, at one point, came incredibly close at being knocked down to the loser bracket in their game vs Infused, The game turned out to be quite a cliff hanger.

1. Germany We haz Asian - €3,000
2. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves - €2,000
3. Europe mTw - €1,000

Grand Final, game one
Germany We haz AsianDenmark Copenhagen Wolves
leshrac RMC
venomancer Atze
chaos FATA
invoker H4nn1
beastmaster Cryasia
lone druid Balsam
chen CalculuS
shadow demon neNo
windrunner s4
tinker miGGel

The first game developed quite quickly into a "super-aggressive" game, as co-caster 7ckinMad aptly put it and WhA succeeded in killing their enemies all over the map. The Radiant line-up of heroes as well as their supreme handling turned out to be a bane for the Wolves.
Wolves tried to hold up against the onslaught as long as possible, trying to make it through to the late game with Tinker and Lone Druid, but the early game setbacks turned out to be a little too much to overcome.

Grand Final, game two
Denmark Copenhagen WolvesGermany We haz Asian
natures prophet miGGel
venomancer Balsam
brewmaster s4
crystal maiden neNo
storm spirit CalculuS
rubick Atze
lone druid Cryasia
chen RMC
queen of pain H4nn1
anti mage FATA

Game two was more of even stance, WhA sent their Anti-Mage solo mid in anticipation of a Prophet coming in from the Radiant side, which did indeed turn out to be a right move. FATA handled his lane very well and managed to secure a lot of farm as well as somewhat shutting down the Prophet, which obviously was a huge plus in favor of the Dire team. Wolves opted for early pressure since a late game game confrontation between the teams would have most like resulted in their defeat. They couldn't enter the base just yet as they did not have the sufficient damage throughput and the much need chain disables to take down heroes such as Lone Druid and a prematurely fat Anti-Mage. After a favorable fight, WhA moved onwards and claimed the raxes. The "gg" was called some time after that.

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