M5's manager Dima Smeliy arrested in Amsterdam

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 04 July 2012 13:15
The manager of the eSports clan Moscow Five, Dima 'ddd1ms' Smeliy has been arrested in Amsterdam. The accusation, however, remains unclear.

Team Moscow Five has confirmed that their manager, Dima 'ddd1ms' Smeliy has been arrested in Amsterdam. His father Dmitri is on his way to the Netherlands, to assist him in this situation. According to M5, the reason for the arrest is still unknown. links ddd1ms's arrest to FBI takedown

Earlier, the Russian website Fontanka has published an article stating the arrest of Dima Smeliy was linked to a worldwide cybercrime takedown of the FBI. However, the FBI press release about the 24 arrests in eight countries does not list ddd1mss among the individuals. Furthermore, the Netherlands are not mentioned as a country where arrests have been made or assistance has been given. Most press reports all over the world only rely on this Fontanka report when reporting about the arrest

Few information available so far

Virtus.Pro's editor-in-chief gurkie has reached out in the meantime to the editor of and the Russian embassy. He was not given a confirmation of the proclaimed accusations. Only few facts are available so far: Dima Smeliy's Facebook account confirms that he was at Amsterdam's airport Shiphol on 24 June and in the city center on 26 June, visiting a museum, a bar and the red light district. Tueday, 26 June, is the same date as the press release of the FBI speaking about "today's action". If the arrest of Dima Smeliy, which has now been confirmed by his team, is really connected to the FBI takedown, is not known yet, as diplomatic organisations do not give information to public yet.

Moscow 5's teams continue with business as usual

The teams of Moscow Five, above all the Dota 2 team around PGG will continue with the regular tournaments and matches. Already today the team will have to play in the StarLadder tiebreaker matches against Darer and mTw. As soon as more reliable information about ddd1ms's status is available, we will give an update.

Official Moscow 5 statement:

"Dima was indeed travelling to Amsterdam for leisure purposes and he was indeed arrested. Even though it took place a couple of days ago, motives of Dutch police are still unknown. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation does not possess any kind of information about the arrest, since Dutch police refuses to provide it. In order to handle this unfortunate situation his father has departed to Amsterdam. Hopefully, he will be able to do so. Despite these unpleasant circumstances our Dota 2 and LoL squads are going to continue with their preparations to upcoming tournaments."

Sources: Dima Smeliy's Facebook account,, FBI, Virtus.Pro, Moscow Five

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