Na`Vi are first StarLadder Dota 2 champions

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 30 April 2012 03:25

Natus Vincere have been crowned champions of the first Star Series season. Following a season of 15 online-held matches, the Ukrainians attended the Cyberarena in Kiev, together with Moscow5, Darer and CLG this weekend to determine the best.

Ukraine Na`Vi
chen sandking vengeful spirit windrunner shadow fiend
Russia Moscow5
anti mage natures prophet leshrac lich night stalker

Going into the first game with a lead of one point from the winner bracket, Na`Vi got off to a fairly rocky start. Dendi's Shadow Fiend on mid lane suffered horribly from a self-caused miss of his creep-block, which in consequence lead to a comfortable lane control by Vigoss, respectively the harrassing Leshrac by BloodAngel; both sidelanes remained an even affair. Regardless of the early disadvantage The Russians got out of the long pause seemingly better in general, which manifested itself deeper, right after the first ten minutes.

Vigoss once again shaped out to be the driving force within Moscow5's offensive department and is about to add Night Stalker to his list of trademark heroes. His roaming lead to several early kills, that Na`Vi was not able to answer properly. Even though the Ukrainians shut down the opposing main carry Anti-Mage quite well, they found themselves overrun by Pgg and co more than once.

In response to the bad first minutes, Na´Vi tried to slow down the action, stuck together and tried to find fortune in farming, which Moscow5 allowed. This lead to quiet minutes, in which many Na`Vi fans temporarily got their hopes up. Unfortunately so however, as a the first clash after the period of relaxation immediately resulted in a 4-1 for M5. Following this, the difference in gold and experience went out of hand quickly, as more and more fights were lost and the Radiants base falling apart. Moscow5 had tied the score.

Russia Moscow5
invoker sandking crystal maiden vengeful spirit death prophet
Ukraine Na`Vi
anti mage dark seer enigma shadow shaman jakiro

Jakiro! Na`Vi entered the second game with a bang and chose the lesser considered Shadow Shaman and Twin Head Dragon, whilst further securing the services of the feared duo Enigma, Dark Seer. M5 on the other hand picked up Night Stalker yet again, next to Invoker, Death Prophet, Crystal Maiden and Vengeful Spirit.

Both teams went through a lively couple of early minutes and exchanged kills in even skirmishes. Shortly later however, Moscow started to continue where they stopped after game one and moved on to a 12-5 lead. Under permanent assistance of Sun Strikes, the Radiant heroes secured many easy kills all over the map, which once again led the Ukrainians become more reserved.

Unlike the first game though, the consequence this time was a different one. In the 22nd minute, Na`Vi moved towards Roshan as five, willing to contest Moscow5's attempt and caught four heroes in Puppey's Black Hole while Vacuum Wall Of Replica from LightofHeaven did the rest. From this moment onward the game suddenly went entirely in Na`Vi's favour.

M5 on the other hand tried to push, knowing that the long the game progresses, the smaller their chances are. All attempts of picking up barracks failed however and Na`Vi's more and more fearsome turning Anti-Mage got out of control and even purchased a Divine Rapier to seal the game. Na`Vi are only one point away from taking the championship.

Ukraine Na`Vi
natures prophet night stalker tidehunter venomancer morphling
Russia Moscow5
dark seer leshrac enigma dazzle huskar

All who appreciated the diversity in Na`Vi's previous draft should get wet eyes when looking at the heroes of Moscow5 in the game to close a long night of competition. The undoubtedly brave choice to let Dazzle and Huskar take responsibility against the much more conservative Venomancer-Morphling lane by the Ukrainians, did not pay off as well as expected and let Dire fall behind 9-5 after 14 minutes.

The Hardest carry of the game, Morphling, was controlled by XBOCT, who had an excellent time farming himself strong, however the more and more aggressive turning Russians have - despite their inferiority in fights - destroyed all Radiant field towers, even though Attempts to push up the opponent's base remained unsuccessful.

After a while, Na`Vi got a feeling for their strength and moved out again. LightofHeaven's Prophet mostly played his own game during that time and took out the remaining Dire field towers while his team was engaging fights. A circumstance that didn't hurt the Ukrainians' performance at all, who pulled ahead further and further until the final fight ahead of the Dire's base. Moscow5 had to resign and let Na´Vi claim the championship.

Natus Vincere will therefore take 6,000$ as first, followed by Moscow5, CLG and Darer.

1. Place Ukraine Na`Vi - 6 000 $
2. Place Russia Moscow5 - 3 000 $
3. Place Sweden CLG - 2 500 $
4. Place Bulgaria Darer - 2 000 $

(pictures of the last tournament day will get uploaded tomorrow)


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