hyhy: "MYM has not issued salary"

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 03 April 2012 19:53
Former MYM player Benedict Lim 'hyhy' Hanyong has decided to talk about the break of MYM with his team. In an interview with Furryfish, he has nothing but harsh words for his former clan.

According to hyhy, MYM has not paid a single salary since they hired the team "even though they promised that salaries would be paid in a timely fashion." This is the first of three reasons hyhy lists why his team now formed under the banner of Team Zenith would not consider any negotiations with MYM anymore.

He even seems to be personally disappointed. "Falli himself gave me his word on this." hyhy even spreads rumors about his team not being the only one with withheld payments: "I have heard that my team was not the only entity to whom MYM owed salaries to."

In detail he describes how much he is disappointed not about the fact itself but about the manner in which his team was released. "There is really no logical reason why the team would insist on playing with their tag, if they were told not to." According to this first interview with hyhy after the dismissal, the major problem was a lack of communication from Falli about the act of release.

Despite his harsh words, Benedict Lim Hanyong prefers not to blow the matter up into a big thing. "Do note that I'm not directing accusations at MYM, and that if any offence is taken, it is not my intention." It's questionable, however, how saying there are salaries missing is not intended to be an accusation. MYM's Sebastian 'Falli' Rotterdam has not yet responded to the allegations.

Source: Furryfish's Blog


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