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Scott Clements is one of the top multi-poker game tournament players in the world. Clements won the 2006 Canadian Poker Open and the 2007 World Poker Tour North American Poker Classic for over $1.1 million. He has won two WSOP bracelets in Omaha events in 2006 and 2007 along with 18 total cashes. In 2010, Clements finished 18th in the WSOP Main Event collecting nearly $400k. He is also a Full Tilt Poker pro. Clements has over $4.4 million in total live tournament winnings. Clements was born July 19,1981 in Mount Vernon, Washington where he still resides.

Things you might not know:
  • Clements was a mortgage broker for years before turning to poker full time.
  • Clements started playing poker in 2005, partially due to a friend needing a place to host home games and he had the best place.
  • Clements has had successful online results under the name BigRiskky.
  • Clements turned his focus entirely to live poker when Washington made playing online illegal.
  • Clements has tremendous focus at the table due to his competitiveness and desire to succeed.
  • Clements has trouble relaxing, as he thrives on competition preferring basketball or golf to relaxing in his time off.
  • Clements is married. His wife quit her job to travel with him on the circuit. She is responsible for making sure he eats healthily and maintains a healthy lifestyle.
  • Clements will travel to 75-100 tournaments a year.
  • Clements considers Jason Mercier one of his best friends and poker minds.
  • Clements is an instructor at PokerXFactor.
  • Clements isn't great with computers and keeps written log books about his opponents and results.

Clements is poised to be one of the top players for years to come with his intense focus, drive and background in non-Hold'em games.

Clements with two video interviews from the 2010 WSOP Main Event deep run:

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