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According to Hot_Bid, 1-hatch Queen is nearly impossible to counter, but Karune has got some suggestions for strategies that can stop this build. Also with Roaches now being able to move while burrowed, the Zerg race, which was defined as the weaker race midgame by Blizzard's own developers, is now much more threatening. And how does a Thor fit in a Medivac?
Just a short note, the new (2.0) will be known as in the future, while the as we know it today will be referred to as Classic along with the forums.

Art Director, Sam Didier speaks up
An interview done by G4TV is up, and is pretty new and worth a look. Here you go:

Medivacs loading large units
Medivacs, Terrans new dropships, will be able to carry a Thor, but how? One of the visitors at PAX saw it, and explained that the Medivac will pick up a curled Thor, and carry it below the Medivac.
- "So you can actually see a huge friggin Thor on the underside of the Medivac as it's flying around", He says. But he also asks how this is done in teamgames, will the Medivac have the same kind of animations for Collosus and Ultralisk.
Karune replied that the Medivac animation for carrying Thor is temporary;
- "but they're looking at ways of making it even cooler looking than it looks now".

The Roach has now the ability to move while burrowed, and the Roach will also have a speed upgrade. It's movementspeed will be close to a Zealot, but with it's upgrade it will be slightly slower than a Stalker.

This new mechanic should open up some pretty cool micro strategies in positioning for the Roach

- Karune

1-Hatchery Queen Build
Hot_Bid from Teamliquid tried out Zerg during BlizzCon, playing around 50 games, and found 1-hatch Queen build as a very strong strategy, and almost impossible to counter. Karune answered when a concerned fan brought this to his attention;
For me, I often block my choke point with 2 gateways or 1 gateway/1 cybernetics core (if I am teching), leaving one cell open for an easy single Zealot block. Breaking that choke point for a single Zergling hitting that Zealot at a time, is an easy block, and quite cost effective for the Protoss player. For a determined Zerg player, they would either start attacking the gateways or tech to Banelings to take out the Zealot(s).

Karune also explains how you can defend/counter 1-hatch Queen with Terran, but he has a lot to say, so if you want to know follow this link.

Finally, just to clear things up, Karune confirmed that Starcraft 2 will be released before Diablo 3. That wasn't really a shocker, but it's good to get a confirmation like this once in a while.

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