Meteos expresses interest in LCS return

LoL David “True2k8” Demarco

Photo: Lol Esports

The former Cloud 9 star Will “Meteos” Hartman may have abruptly stepped down, but he hasn’t closed the book on a return to the LCS.

To continue the trend of C9 players discussing their unusual summer split on their Twitch streams, Hartman expressed interest in returning as a professional player, whether that be with C9 or another team.

“If there's a spot for me on C9 I'd like to stay,” said Hartman, who followed up by praising the organization and owner Jack Etienne. 

He later added: "If there was a really good offer from and like C9 didn't need me anymore then I don't see why not, you know?"

The veteran jungler had an unusually timed resignation earlier this month and was replaced by C9's retired mid laner and Chief Gaming Officer Hai "Hai" Du Lam. It should be noted that Hartman is still contracted by C9.

With a shallow talent pool for junglers in North America, combined with the experience, credibility and stardom that Hartman brings, it would be no surprise if more than half of the region lines up to make their pitch to the LCS veteran. And according to the same segment, some offers have already come Hartman’s way.

This cryptic plotline will be one to follow on as C9 continues to struggle to distance themselves from the basement of NA while their star jungler watches from the sidelines in his still “to be announced capacity" with the team.

At least we know the star talent nicknamed “Meteos” will find his way back onto the stage in the future. Now it’s just a matter of when and what abbreviation will prefix his name.

David “True2k8” Demarco
Writer for Renegades & GosuGamers