Hold it Down take a close series win to clinch the victory of NA Cup #2

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Despite being in the early stages of phase two for the Open Division, every single cup makes a difference as only eight teams will advance to the playoffs.

Last week Players Unknown took the first cup win, but this time it was another teams turn at victory.

Imported Support has returned to the HGC Open Division with a vengence. Despite advancing to The Crucible from phase one, they failed to further advance to the HGC Premier League falling to Naventic.

They had tough competition with hopes of advancing to the finals, with the first cup winners, Players Unknown, standing in their way.

Imported came out swinging with stronger team strategies in game one, barely even allowing Players Unknown to turn in gems on Tomb of the Spider Queen.

Up from game one, Players Unknown continued the momentum as they dominated game two as well on Towers of Doom. Despite the Abathur pick, PU was unable to keep up on level experience, hurting them especially when it came the the all important team fights. Imported advanced to the finals with a decisive 36-0 core health at the end of game two along with leading in kills 9-1.

On the other side of the bracket, Hold it Down played Donkeys r Us.

Hold it Down took the early win from game one and as we saw another Tomb of the Spider Queen map, Donkey r Us attempted to channel energy from the Asian teams as they attempted not only Auriel, Valla, but Cho'Gall as well.




The comp was sound, in theory, but just wasn't executed properly especially with the Stitches/Malfurion combination coming from the side of Hold it Down, allowing the team to advance to the finals

Ultimately in game one on Infernal Shrines, the team fighting from Hold it Down was much better regardless of levels being fairly equal most of the game. Capitalizing on punishers better. With Stitches Dehaka and Malfurion as a followup with roots they were pure destruction in the first game.

Game two Hold it Down continued to have the stronger team fights and picks, despite levels again being equal. The siege damage as well was so much stronger as well as everything was going their way after reaching level 10. Despite given the opportunity, Imported took Stitches but instead of taking Malfurion for roots they choe Uther and Brightwing for support. It turned around before Imported even reached level 13 after a team fight that went their way allowing them to take the boss to hopefully catch up on siege. Brightwing the unsung hero of this game. After securing boss at level 18 along with both siege camps

Hold it Down chose a double support/double tank as we saw Brightwing yet again while Imported went with solo Arthas and double Rhegar/Uther. Brightwing, again, was the unsung hero of the game with Emerald Wind making the biggest difference during fights for the altars. Hold it Down was simply able to pick off members of Imported Support one by one without any negative effect thanks to the double support. After a deciding fight with Hold it Down at level 16 but Imported closely behind, Imported unfortunately could not keep up with the lack of experience. Imported held a strong defense as they were behind 8 core health to 24. But with a boss pickup it put Hold it Down over the edge to take the second NA cup win.

While the third place match was not on the main stream, we know that Donkeys R Us defeated Players Unknown 2-0 to take third place.

After two full cups the current standings are as follows:

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