Bushido e-Sports announces Open Division team

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

Righ in time for the beginning of the next phase of the Open Division, Bushido e-Sports announces they've signed a new team to compete in the amateur series. 

The announcement explains:

"After evaluating various options, we decided that our next step should be in Heroes of the Storm as it is not only a game that we like very much, but also we have been able to form a team that allows us to dream about achieving our main objective, which is to reach the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship."

The new team will consist of VortiX, LucifroN, GerdamHerd, Rensen, and Zhiku, all familiar names in Heroes esports.

VortiX, LucifroN, GerdamHerd, and Ziku were previously members of the old Team Liquid roster, while Rensen competed in the last phase of the Open Division with wp.me.

It's certainly a big step for an organization to not only sign and amateur team, but sign them before they even have a chance to play as a full team yet. 

You can catch Bushido e-Sports in the first European Open Division Cup, Monday at 18:00 CET. 

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