New patch buffs Leoric, Nerfs Ragnaros and more

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Probius  and Tychus have also received a whole lot of love from the balance team.

Link to Full Patch Notes 

The latest balance update isn't the biggest, but it includes some of the most straightforward changes we have seen in a while. The balance updates that went live this Tuesday are either flat nerfs or big buffs to some of the most meta-significant heroes in the game. 

For example, Tassadar, Varian, and Ragnaros have all receive sizeable nerfs (although Varian and Tass were buffed slightly to compensate) while often ignored heroes like Probius and Leoric enjoy easy to understand buffs that only make the hero stronger.


Leoric, in particular, is much better off in this patch:


  • Basic Attack damage increased from 138 to 150


  • Skeletal Swing (Q)
    • Damage increased from 116 to 125


  • Level 16
    • Renewed Swing (Q)
      • Bonus swing damage increased from 50 to 80%


While some diehard Leoric fans have expressed disappointment that these changes aren't in the form of new talents or big reworks, it's important to remember that these type of buffs have historically affected heroes in the most positive ways. Full reworks (Hello, Nova) tend to change the hero completely and in many cases make them weaker, albeit better designed, heroes.

All hail the newly buffed King Leoric. Probius is also in a much better state and you can see it first hand by watching some of ex MVP Black player, Rich play these buffed heroes on his stream. He goes on a Probius streak that is impressive, including one game where he gets top numbers in every possible category for his team.

Full patch notes can be found here.



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