Semi-Finals for European Open Division Cup #5 Begin Tonight 18:00CET/09:00PDT

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Team Zealot currently stands atop the Open Division Cup rankings. Team MAA is the only team close to overthrowing them, however they chose not to participate in this fifth cup.

Wp.me have made it to the quarterfinals in just about all of the previous cups but showed an impressive standing making it to this semi-finals in this cup. Ready Able Willing joined the Open Division in cup #4 but didn't advance any farther than their first match. They are proof that just signing up makes a difference as they advanced to face 4k MMR in the semi-finals.

Tonight, Team Zealots will face wp.me and 4k MMR will face Ready Able Willing.

Will Team Zealots take another win and hold their lead in the stading strong? Or will another team rise to the occasion? The Semi-finals start tonight at 18:00CET/09:00PST on twitch.tv/followgrubby

Did you miss registration for this cup? Don't worry! Registration is now open for the sixth European Open Division Cup! 

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