Dignitas wins the first HGC Western clash

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After a back and forth series that brought Fnatic and Dignitas to a 2-2 grand finals match, the solo Tyrande strategy that first gave them their edge came through one more time when it mattered.
*Photo courtesy of James Baker Twitter

 Full match details and drafts 

Bakery tweeted this soon after his team's huge win in which they won the lion's share of $100,000:

This was the first HGC major and also first chance for the top 3 European teams to compete for the definitive "best in EU" title. It was historic in debuting DunkTrain's first appearance as a Coach (Dignitas must feel great about picking him up) and also the first time teams like Nomia, Infamous and Team 8 to compete in multi-regional competition.

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Some would say that Nomia and Team8 outperformed the favorite to win NA teams:

But at the end of it all, Dignitas overcame all opponents in their way and became champions. Their Kael'Thas, Tyrande, and Stitches drafts seemed impossible but they worked to perfection during games 1 and 2 vs. Fnatic.

JayPL is the clear MVP of the series, with some of the most immaculate Stitches play the west has ever seen. The lack of healing was off-set by the incredible hook initiations that opened the game wide open for Dignitas. When every objective is a 4v5, you don't need even to choose support talents on Tyrande!

The Dignitas draft that set precedent for the rest of the series

As we watched Stitches land hook after hook, Dignitas looked as if they would take an easy 3-0 victory. However, Fnatic is known for their tremendous fighting spirit and they proved that on stage. They weren't ready to be taken out that easy, even though they were faced against a strategy they were not ready for.  

A clutch Lucio pick during game 3 gave them the momentum needed to stage a comeback. After that win, they followed up with a signature Fnatic strategy: Global heroes. Falstad, Dehaka, and E.T.C at the draft screen gave them enormous map presence and it seemed as if Fnatic had learned the lesson Dignitas was teaching by example: play your own style and make the enemy adapt.

However, Dignitas answered right back with Mene on Chromie. That is right-- Chromie was the crucial hero that won the Western Clash. Combined once against with the now Signature solo Tyrande aggressive pick composition, Dignitas took control of the match and became champions

To close, I present the amazing infographic below shared by @Schneehalm. It has got to be one of the cleanest presentations of the Western Clash pick rates and data and tells the full story for those who missed it or anyone looking for a big picture view on the popular picks and meta.

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