The Heroes Charity Brawl returns more exciting and generous than ever!

Heroes Jason “Renofox” Renau

The Heroes Charity Brawl will be the second live-streamed charity event, raising money to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation and featuring hosts from all our favorite community podcasts!

A good cause

With help from Blizzard and community members like you, Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children who have life-threatening medical conditions, enriching their human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

The Heroes Charity Brawl raised $2,801 dollars last year and the goal is to raise even more this year, showing that the Heroes of the Storm gaming community is not only one of the best gaming communities, but truly one of the most generous as well!

Who’s involved

All our favorite Heroes of the Storm podcasts are participating! Make sure to follow them on Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtag #CharityBrawl2017 

When to show up

The Heroes Charity Brawl will be happening this Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 2PM Pacific Standard Time LIVE on Twitch here. Stop by the Twitch channel now to follow and set notifications on so you'll know the moment the event goes live.

What’s great is the Heroes Charity Brawl is happening the "Bye" week of HCG, making for great viewing the weekend before the WESTERN CLASH in Katowice!

Where to watch and follow

You'll be able to watch the Heroes Charity Brawl live from the Core twitch channel and you can also follow each of the podcasts for updates as they come out. Discord server invites will go out during the stream. Also, for all the players and friends of the Charity Brawl, make sure to use /join frogpants in-game to get connected! Where else will you find so many great team-mates to friend up with?

What to get hyped about

If you missed the first Heroes Charity Brawl, this won’t be your average tournament. The organizers are keeping most of the details a surprise but here’s what you can expect.

  • No matches will be played standard. Every map will have some crazy new rule set, done in the name of entertainment.
  • Sandbox mode is now on the table to construct all sorts of crazy game situations.
  • There will be giveaways and prizes!
  • The event has already raised $1,025 of their $3,230 meme goal.
  • There’s a chance some top donators will get to play in the Brawl.
  • The newest iteration of the Nexeopardy, Core’s insanely funny version of Jeopardy for the Nexus, will be showcased! 

Why be a part?

If you’ve ever been unhappy with your game experience or you’ve been playing alone, you owe it to yourself to get involved with the community around these podcasts. There are tons of great people in the community. Heroes can be more than a competition. After all, what is winning without recognition?

Maybe you can give money or maybe you can't. Just by showing up, you’re telling the world that you value bringing fun with hope, strength, and joy to others. There are many kids who just wish they could be a hero with powers. Just think, we get to play as super heroes for free every day.

Just listen to Kevin's wish

We'll be having a good time playing the game and celebrating awesome folks who donate for a good cause. How about you?

"Stay-tight" and we'll see you at the Heroes Charity Brawl!

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Heroes’ comedy jam 2.0! These guys are hilarious.
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Jason “Renofox” Renau
"In games, we are shown who we are. Through eSports, we explore who we can become." Heroes of the Storm advocate, wellness coach, and armchair sociologist. You can follow me on twitter @renothefox.


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