We're Three Hours Away from the Second North American Open Division Cup!

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Week one of the North American Open Cup is well behind us as UT-A Dorm currently hold the top spot, but the Open Division is still really anyone's game leading up to The Crucible in May.

Today at 18:00 PST continues the seven weeks of amateur North American competitive Heroes. The top four from the first North American Cup return hoping to keep their rankings, but we very well might see different teams show out.

  • LFM eSports featuring B1GbabieJESUS, Drafted, Jin, doyouknowHB, SoyYossarian is a new amateur team, but showed out in the first NA Open Cup, placing second.
  • Vox and the Busted Bullets featuring some players with LAN experience nightmare, Daihuu, Zoos, darkchimaera, and Shot, while they got out in the second round of the first NA Cup, their resiliance can prove their worth.
  • Miasma eSports featuring Ethix, Tantro, Destructible, Taliant, Fox place fourth in the first cup and showed they deserve one of the top spots
  • Even in Death featureing FrozenX, HaoNguyen, Homicidal, Lutano, Batterry impressively placed third in the first cup and while they have few experienced players they put up strong fights especially in their third place match.
  • UT-A featuring Kure, EToby, EKevin, kladeous, Yuuj won the first NA Open Cup and currently stands at the top of the rankings.

You can catch all the action today at 18:00 PST on twitch.tv/arcane8

Can't play in this cup? Fear not! Registration for the third open begins tonight as well at 18:00 PST.

Anticipating the next European Open Cup? You're in luck! Registration is still open for the third European Open Cup commencing next week!  

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Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski
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