In just 3 hours from this post, the EU HGC Open Division will be live!

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After months of prep, speculation, and talk, the day has finally come! The HGC is just hours away and Europe has the distinction of starting us off with our first Open Division tournament of the year. Over 60 teams have registered and are looking to seize the opportunity to make their Heroes eSports dreams a reality.

Today is the start of 14 weeks of competitive Heroes, featuring seven different EU cups. The winner of each cup gets a spot in the playoffs where they will compete for a spot in the crucible-- an all-on-the-line match against an official HGC team fighting to keep their spot in the league.

You can see a full list of todays participating teams here. Some notable names to look out for include:

  • Team Zealot featuring ShadowLink, Atheroangel, POILK Zarmony and GranPkt
  • We Love Cookies  Cookies featuring dctr, Buvelle, Erimus, Korlikk, and Gela
  • mYinsanity featuring Kitara, Snowholmes, NeraHots, Neffi and Krawalli
  • Latussia featuring BKBgrnrjefek , AndyLendi, Lunarn, Sphyxi and Stalk
  • Jebaiting To Win featuring Mopsio, Nicker, Wolfz, Rzufff and Bl3kitny

Tetcher and Grubby will be casting the event at twitch.tv/ followgrubby at 6:00 PM CET. Tune in and, from the beginning, watch the next rising EU team emerge.


For our Heroes across the pond, registration for the NA open division starts precisely at 18:00 PST



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